Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution

Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution


Albert Speer –because after he realized that he is a total monster, according to his own believes, he lowered himself enough to apologize for it

Andy Warhol – because he knew that he was creating trash, but he kept creating it anyway

Ayn Rand – because she marked the Universe with the sign of the dollar


Benjamin Franklin– because he believed that rebellion is another form of obedience

Beyonce – because she is an overdemon

Brute – because he was changing sides according to the circumstances


Carl Sagan – because he thinks that the fact that Earth is a pale blue dot in Space, makes humanity less important

Christine Lagarde – because she lowered her head in front of Trump

Confucius –because he believed that there are only five types of relations between people and every one of them includes obedience

Constantine I – because he turned Christianity into a global power


Donald Trump – because of the wall with Mexico


El James – because “50 shades of Gray” is capable of ruining women for another 2,000 years since the Bible started to peter out

Emil Conrad – because he repeats what people want to hear

Evita Peron –because she has said that need gives rights and because she used her own crawling to give an example


Fidel Castro – because he wanted a dictatorship of the weak

Frank W. M. Behrens –because he thinks that the positive side of ecological catastrophes is that you can make money out of them

Friedrich Engels –because he is a partner in the biggest crime against humanity


George Lucas –because he gave up on his own ending of „Star Wars“ for public approval and because he thinks that hungry people can’t think in absolutes.

Girolamo Savonarola – because he was destroying achievements of the Renaissance


Heinrich Himmler – because he didn’t understand the value of human life

Helena Blavatsky – because she is a dark which that feeds on human souls

Henry Ford – because he transformed the assembly line into a common thing

Heraclitus– because he thinks that the sleeping live in their own world and those who are awake have a common world

Hernan Cortes – because there is no honor in his conquests

Hilda Kazasyan – because her smile gives an equal evaluation of everything


Immanuel Kant– because he put the law above freedom


Jeremy Bentham –because, although he had one of the freest minds, he created the most terrifying prison

Joan K. Rowling –because she made mediocrity her main character and she left love and power as secondary

king John – because he betrayed all monarchs by signing Magna Carta

Joseph Brodsky– because he believes that the world cannot be saved

Joseph Stalin – because he believes that irreplaceable people do not exist and because he never went to the front of his own war

Judas – because he betrayed his believes


Karl Marx – because he created the doctrine that leads the entire humanity towards spiritual death

Кim Chen Ir – because it wasn’t beneath him to become a second rate dictator of North Korea

Kim Ir Sen – because he proclaimed himself as eternal dictator of North Korea


Lao Tzu –because he preaches nothingcentrism, denying life and individuality, and because he believes that truth isn’t beautiful and beauty isn’t true


Mark Zuckerberg – because he invented Facebook

Matt Damon – because he is proud that he has married an ordinary person

Maximilien Robespierre – because he realized the French Revolution in a veeery wrong way

Moses – because he brought the Ten Commandments to mankind

Moses Maimonides – because he limited God outside of evil and human beings


N. – because he chose to be just a letter

Nikita Khrushchev – because of the idea about the Berlin Wall and because he drained Aral Sea


Oliver Cromwell– because he substituted the monarchy with a military dictate

Osama bin Laden – because he is a fanatic about superficial ideas


Pablo Picasso – because his talentlessness is a symbol of modern art

Pandeli Kisimov – because he wanted the Ottoman empire to rule Bulgaria after the liberation

saint Paul– because he spread Christianity around the world

Pavell and Venci Venc –because for them the best way to prove that your love is real is to get married and have children

saint Peter –because of the three acts of denial of Jesus and then regretting them, and because he created the Catholic Church

Platon –because he thinks that the one who has given up on himself the most should rule the others

Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky–because after the most beautiful death, he offered the repulsive mediocrity of happiness


Rafail Karelin– because he believes that the antipode of love is pride

Rag’n’Bone Man – because he has no idea what it means to be human

Rasputin – because he was a twisted abomination

Rene Descartes –because from everything correct, that he found out, he made the most monstrous conclusions


Sandro Botticelli – because he burned his own paintings, believing that they are heretical

Sergei Bodrov Jr. – because he thinks that it is better to be dead than to have a character

Sidharta Gautama Buddha –because for him Nirvana starts where the I ends

Simeon Kolev – because he is proud from the fact that he is paying taxes

Steven Hawking –because he is a scientist, who gave up the knowledge of aliens just because they could be dangerous and because for him the human soul and the perfection of the Universe have no value


Thomas Aquinas – because he is an objectivist, who goes to church

Thomas Edison – because he wouldn’t invent anything that he can’t sell

Thomas More – because in his perfect world there is no private property and people are divided into castes


Usman Jussupow – because he thought that rivers must serve the cause of socialism


Vladimir Lenin – because he turned communism into reality

Vladimir Putin – because he is pretending to be an ally of the Revolution


Walter Ulbricht –because he signed the order for the construction of the Berlin Wall

William Burroughs – because of the murder of his wife and the “Naked Lunch”

Winston Churchill – because he was the evil genius of his time


Zahari Baharov – because he didn’t understand the proms

Zarathustra – because he divided the world to Good and Evil

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