Incarnation – the most romantic thing in the world

I never accepted the fact that death is inevitable. I don’t believe in things that cannot be changed by the will of man. But after a few days of internal struggling I found out something way more important about death – it is possible.

The Soul is limitless and it can do everything. The Soul is magnificent and absolute. In fact, it is so magnificent that one must ask oneself why does the body even exist? The reason is that the body can do the only thing in the Universe that the Soul can’t – it can die.

Every art is getting huge volumes into small areas, which leads to washing away the borders and infinity of space. The entire Universe can fit into a single song, a single verse or a bird’s flight. The first winter ray, the fragrance of sparkling dew or a photo discolored with time.

The body is the art of the Soul. We all live forever. We are all the entire Universe, pulsating in its own rhythm and that’s beautiful. But the body is our opportunity to experience the parts of the Universe. To feel each and every one of them, to let it fill us completely so we can understand that every bit in the Universe is the whole World. Is there anything more romantic than to throw away eternity, so that you can live it in a single moment?



The incarnation is explosive magnificence. Passion, pain, happiness, and sorrow constantly race each other in their wish for even more impossible dreams. Love and freedom are the only reality, but life in flesh gives us the greatest experience – the opportunity to fight for love and freedom. Extreme and all-consuming fight, that turns us into gods.

We are on Earth to feel. To scream, to run, to turn into tropical gusts, to kill, to caress, to love, to throw ourselves into acid lakes so that we can gather the emeralds at the bottom, to go insane, to walk through, to cross, to twist ourselves, to insult the gods and challenge them to a duel, to break our heart again and again and again, until we learn to kiss the silvery eyes of the night sun, to dance pure among the graves of our failures, like in the beginning, to shine brighter than the stars in the sky in the name of our dreams, to desire. We are here to be.

Death is inevitable because it’s the only reason for birth. Without death, there is only eternity that cannot be experienced. The meaning of life isn’t in finding Everything, but about finding something that contains Everything within itself.

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