The Overman loves out of strength

People love because they themselves are love. It is a reflection of their true identity. However, as not everyone feels love in this dimension, the question of why some do and others do not appears.


The Overman loves out of strength.

He feels the might of his soul within himself. It drowns him in its flood-tides, it burns him in its stars, it scatters him in its hurricanes. His power churns, popples, rises and needs to get out of him and take over the world. And it does it through love.

Love is a way leading out to the world. It makes you leave your own shore and to cross a stranger’s ocean. Love is an act of a conqueror, who wants to mark something outside of him with his own seal. It is an expedition toward unknown latitudes where mythical mysteries await.

Through love, you show a way in towards yourself and you allow another human being to live in your heart. Love is the strength to welcome an outer thing inside yourself – to let a conqueror ravage the lands of your kingdom. Love is to throw yourself in an icy tornado, counting only on your faith.

The Overman has the strength to look into another person’s eyes. He has the strength to say “Yes” to love and to bear all “no”-es which come from this decision. He will handle the chains of time and the tortures of sorrow. He will cross the pearly swamps of feelings without letting them swallow his I. He will look at the sun with his eyes open, he will breathe the acid fumes, he will step barefoot through lava.

Love is the strength to say I. Love is the strength to carry the supremacy of the whole Universe in your heart.

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