Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution #3

Alec Baldwin – because of the Hulu commercials

Alexandra Feodorovna – because she took Rasputin for a lover

Angela Merkel – because she is not the leader of the free world

Bozhana Apostolova – because of “Under the Yoke” in shlyokavitsa

D. T. Max – because he believes that evolution is ineffective because it cannot adapt people to the System fast enough

Earnest Hemingway – because he is “Ehh”

Harold Laski – because he was the model for Ellsworth Monkton Toohey

Jane Elliott – because she believes that all white people are racist

Jon Levine – because he really thinks that droning Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London is a good idea

Jordi Soler – because he believes that the difference in genetics is injustice

Joss Stone and Bill Aka – because they defiled the sacred kiss between the cosmos and the steppes with their superficial laugh

judge Judy – because she believes that the law can and should rule over people

Katy Perry – because she apologized for her hairstyles and because of Dark Horse

Kevin Warwick – because he “liked” being human

Marcus Aurelius – because he believed that everything which is good for society is good for the individual

Mike Pompeo – because he is the Director of the CIA

Moon Ribas – because she gave up the human in her because of envy

Neil Harbisson – for being the first cyborg in the world

Plotinus – because he was ashamed for having a body, because he gather everything low and unclear and called it “earthly love”, because he dreamed of the Platonopolis, and because he believes that the Universe’s greatest condition is that for which we can tell what is not, but not what

Recep Tayyip Erdogan – because he wants to transform Turkey into a sultanate

Robert Precht  – because he could not cherish freedom even after the trial of Mohammad Salameh

Scott Pruitt and Steve Bannon – because they persuaded Trump to leave the Paris Agreement

Shane Dowson – because he would spend his life under an electric blanket

Slavi Trifonov – because he gave in to the common swampness

Socrates  – because the contemporary morality is based on him


You can find the whole list here: Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution

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