Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution #4

Alex Dalley – because he has created makeup for men

Alexandra Ripley – because she has not noticed that “Gone with the Wind” ended

Alfred F. Kelly – because Visa wants to eliminate cash money

Anton La Vey – because he has restricted Satan in the same way the Church has restricted God

Arsene Wenger – because this man does not have dignity

Atanas Dalchev – because he has attempted to create poetry through ugliness and spiritual death and has failed

Bill Gates – because he leads the war against cash

Brian Earp – because he believes that love can be controlled with drugs

David Benioff and D. B. Weiss – because “Game of Thrones” is the strongest means for manipulation in today’s world

George R. R. Martin – because he gave fire and ice to the most mediocre characters

Hristo Blazhev – because he thinks that someone has the right to dream in his behalf

Iva Doychinova – because she thinks that I should become We

Jean Calvin – because he wants people to consider themselves insignificant and because he preaches that one does not belong to oneself

Joseph Mitchell and Eugene Mitchell – because they ordered a sequel of “Gone with the Wind”

Karin Newman – because she has made a non-racist version of “Pippi Longstocking”

Lena Headey – because she does not respect Cersei Lannister

Lionel Messi – because he is “John” of football

Martin Luther – because he believes that revolt is the greatest evil, because he wants people to renounce their faith and pride in the name of obedience, and because he rejects primal good

Miss Fame – because she does not respect hens

MsMojo – because she always puts mediocrity at the top

Pilar Abel – because Salvador Dali’s body was exhumed because of her

Rich Wordsworth – because he believes that the pathetic affection felt by drugged non-entities can be called love

Rut Koleva – because she believes that people should be helpless

Sebastian Coe – because he thinks that he has the right to control athletes’ genes

Shusaku Takaoka – because of the supreme sacrilege of everything venerated in painting

Stanislav Lem – because he thinks that the world is so bad that he prefers to believe that no one created it and because he lowers everything to nothingness

Thomas Hobbes – because he believes that hatred is the motivating power in the individual

Valeri Simeonov – because he wants to transform Sunny Beach into a civilized place

Yuliya Stepanova – because she has betrayed her own country to the System


You can find the whole list here: Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution

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