Everyone has the right to love

“Everyone has the right to love” is just another sentence which aims to belittle love as well as freedom, choice and human nature. It claims two monstrous things: first, that love is a right and second, that love is common and ordinary. I wonder if humanity is capable of humiliating love further than that.


Love as a right

In the Universal aspect, every soul is created to love. Every human being, in their pure essence, is love.

Then, how dares humanity transform it into a right? This sentence could be changed to “You are allowed to love.” And what if they forbid it? Are you going to stop loving?

Love is not under the rule of the law, society or people, so you cannot take it, give it, get it, allow it, forbid it, find it, lose it, control it, etc. It IS or it isn’t.


Love as accessible to everyone

We have to keep in mind that love isn’t a product on the market, it is not granted as aid and it is not a form of communism.

I have already made it clear that everyone is love on the Universal level. But now it is time to think about the human level. We should ask ourselves: Is everyone is capable of loving? The answer, of course, is no. Affection, need, and fear of loneliness are not love. Furthermore, love requires a source. Claiming that people who are a part of the faceless crowd and have completely lost their individuality can love is laughable.


P.S.: The weirdest thing is that you don’t believe in that sentence. You don’t think that one has the right to leave their family in order to follow love. You don’t think that a man has the right to fall in love with his sister. You don’t think that Hitler has the right to care more about his dog than about millions of Jews.

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