Do you really vote?

Democracy! Such a genius discovery which guarantees your rights. Yes, it’s true, democracy guarantees fully your right to be a slave. And it always makes sure that you use it.

In an ardent and irresistible search for personal freedom, only in a few thousand years humanity accomplished an incomparable feat by discovering that it does not want to be ruled by someone externally. The fight against merciless monarchs and tyrant dictators was turbulent and dramatic but in the end, the good prevailed and the era of modern democracy began: vox populi.


Well, I must admire the System in this situation.

When people refuse the external power, the System finds a way to make them serve by their own will. And every time there are elections, we witness a crowd which walks to the polling stations begging: “Rule me! Rule me! Rule me!”

Let’s see what the ballot paper really is: it is a written declaration which you fill in order to take the power away from yourself and give it to someone else. You personally agree that politicians should be the ones to make decisions. You voluntarily confirm that you give up the control of your own future. By voting, people state that they agree to serve the System.

But the most wonderful thing is that in the end, they call this Freedom.

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