Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution #5

Alejandro Burzaco – because he betrayed all of his accomplices

Aleko Konstantinov – because he focused his writing on people he did not like

Andre Rieu – because he is a violin player who thinks classical music is too serious

Anthony Hopkins – because he plays a good version of himself in WestWorld and because he proclaimed André Rieu as the only person worthy of playing his waltz

Anthony Levandowsky – because he has created a church in which the artificial intelligence is God

Antoni Marti – because he has introduced an income tax in Andorra and because he fights against offshore accounts

Arran Lee Wright – because of the sex-robot Samantha

Ayaz Efendiyev – because he believes that people with different sexual orientation should be cursed by God

Boyko Borisov – because he wants to install CCTV in busses

Carles Puigdemont – because he is not worthy of declaring independence

Felix Rodriguez – because he kept Che’s watch as a trophy

Francis Scott Fitzgerald – because of his immeasurable shallowness

Frederic Beigbeder – for thinking that love has an expiration date

GorillA – because he believes that he misses sometimes because he is “only” human

Grigoriy Rodchenkov – because he betrays his country to its biggest enemy

Hannah Wright – because she thinks that the sex-robot of her husband is “fun”

Harvey Weinstein – because he used his power for sexual harassment

Jeffrey Archer – because of “Kane and Abel”

Jim Carrey – because he denies his own existence

Juan Sandoval Iniguez – because he believes that God punishes Mexico with earthquakes because of abortion, feminism, corruption, and drug trafficking

Kevin Spacey – because of the accusations of sexual harassment

Lola Montesqieu – because she has chosen a title for her book which is offensive for the whole humanity

Lope de Vega – because he thinks that his writing should please the taste of the crowd because it pays him and because he consider love weak and dependant on external circumstances

Marcel Duchamp – because of “Fountain” and the parody of “Mona Lisa”

Margaret Mitchell (fake version) – because she transformed a great novel for pride and love into a propaganda machine and because she lied that Scarlet gives up everything which is sacred for her because of Rhett

Mariya Ilieva – because she cannot tell quality and mediocrity in music apart

Max Fontana – because Nazism is not pink

Mike Miller – because he proposed the installation of chips in athletes’ bodies

Nenko Terziyski – for betraying the April uprising

Prince Ea – because he believes that one cannot be what one aims for and because he says that people do not think but thinking happens to them

Rihanna – because of the quacking

Robert Crandall – because he asked the US government not to lower his taxes

Roland Merullo – because he believes that ordinariness is a reason for delight

Santra – because, when you look at her, you see an empty space

Sigmund Freud – for believing that everything in humans is based only on biological needs

Tim Minchin – because he encourages people to strive for the possible and the ordinary

Tom Kapinos – for the brutal propaganda in presenting a version of the Devil in which he gives Hell up in order to help the police

Travis Kalanick – for transforming the desire for success and profit into something low

Waldemar Claudio de Carvalho – because he believes that homosexuality is a disease


You can find the whole list here: Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution

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