The Absolute’s Awards 2017

The Absolute have chosen the people and the events which influenced the world and Absolutism the most in 2017.

You can see the full list of nominees here: Nominations 2017

Here are the winners:


Individual of the Year

Nominees: Cristiano Ronaldo, Elon Musk, Hugh Hefner, Jean-Claude Juncker, Vladimir Putin

The Absolute award the Individual of the Year award to Vladimir Putin for showing strength of character and defending his positions even when they do not coincide with the global ideology.


Pathetic Person of the Year

Nominees: Antonin, Arran Lee Wright, Dan Brown, Mitko and Mimi, Valeri Simeonov

Mitko and Mimi win the 2017 Pathetic Person of the Year award for their total self-denial and submission to their own weakness.


Potential of the Year

Nominees: Kiril, Kris, Marin, Marius, Nikolay

Marin is the Potential of 2017 because of his interest in the dark side of esotericism and his capability for development in the area of demonic arts.


Degradation of the Year

Nominees: Bozhana Apostolova, Ema, Galena, Jim Carrey, Svetlyo Vitkov

Ema became Degradation of the Year for her betrayal of herself and the rebelliousness of youth.


Event of the Year

Nominees: Discovery of time crystals, Discovery of a new chamber in the Great Pyramid, SpaceX introduced a reusable launch system, Tesla Model 3 became the first electric car for the mass market, The Absolute announced a moratorium on spiritual death

Event of 2017 became the Absolute’s decision to announce a moratorium on spiritual death because this is a step towards the era of Absolutism.


Negative Event of the Year

Nominees: Donald Trump’s decisions to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement and from UNESCO, The campaign against Confederate monuments in the United States, The first registration of a sexless baby, The first robot to receive citizenship, The introduction of a pre-crime detention system in Australia

The Absolute define the announcement of the first citizen robot as  Negative Event of the Year because the artificial personification of robots threatens the existence of humanity.


Historical Figure of the Year

Nominees: Adolf Hitler, Ernesto Che Guevara, Friedrich Nietzsche, Margaret Mitchell, Ralf Waldo Emmerson

The Absolute award Margaret Mitchell for Historical Figure of the Year for her skilful description of man’s strength and the triumph of the will for life in “Gone with the Wind”.


Enemy of the Year

Nominees: Anthony Hopkins, Ayn Rand, Buddha, Helena Blavatsky, Margaret Mitchell (fake version)

The fake version of Margaret Mitchell wins the Enemy of the Year award because of the denial of life at the end of “Gone with the Wind” through the messages that love is an illusion and that it will die at some point.


Character of the Year

Nominees: Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones), Dolores Abernathy (Westworld), Maeve Millay (Westworld), Melanie Wilkes (Gone with the Wind), Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind)

The award Character of the Year for Absolutism in 2017 goes to Scarlett O’Hara because she walked the whole path from an ordinary person to her superior Self because she proved that the sinful soul can feel pure love.


Anti-Character of the Year

Nominees: Bran Stark (Game of Thrones), Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), Jon Snow (Game of Thrones), Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind), William (Westworld)

Rhett Butler wins the Anti-Character of the Year award for the betrayals towards himself and his beliefs and for his infinite weakness.

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