People have bodies

I want to officially address all those who deny the earthly life, the matter, and the body: Slap yourselves in the face. It is beneath me to do it.

The human has a body and it is of utmost importance. It is the dwelling of his spirit. It is usually the first thing another person sees. It is connected to the mind and the soul and the three of them are dependent on one another.

Some people believe that the contemporary person has turned his back to the mind and the spirit and has devoted himself to the body. Indulging in food and debauchery is not a devotion to the body. Everyone out on the streets is completely shapeless. Loose, spineless, swollen, dripping, and folded in two. Their figures show neglect, their postures show inaction and weakness of character. Their whole body is in a half-life condition.

Walking from the bus stop to home is a big challenge, running 50 meters is unthinkable, climbing a hill is impossible. People are too gluttonous to improve their eating habits and too inconsistent to do sports.

The exception is gym-freaks. They take care of their bodies through constant sweating in gyms and use of artificial substances. And the result is some kind of a natural disaster which simply looks wrong and it is definitely not attractive.

Some try with diets. And the situation becomes even scarier. People decide that they can improve their physical appearance thрough starvation. My favorite diets are those which allow you to eat only one type of food. Refuse almost everything nature has offered you and this way you’ll achieve a healthy body. I really don’t see the logic here.

But vegetarians and vegans are the worst of all. Not only that they try to biologically mutilate the human and transform him into a meek and powerless herbivorous, but they also present this as an unseen feat and as the road towards the overman.

The man eats meat. This is the most natural thing. Humans kill animals to get food. This is how nature works. The wolf, the lion, and the bear do the same thing. I don’t think that they are ruthless or do wrong.

Yes, the contemporary person uses monstrous methods to get food. Yes, the treatment of animals which are raised for food is disgusting. Yes, it must stop. But the problem is not that men eat meat. The problem is that they have not remembered to stop giving birth and have multiplied to 7 billion.

This reminds me, how exactly do you expect to feed 7 billion people only with plants? Through GMO?

If all those who refuse to eat meat as a protest against the torture of animals, refuse to have children instead, they would be much more useful. But this is too high a price, isn’t it?

The body is a portrait of the individuality. A person’s eyes can tell you everything about his personality. They are beauty shaped by the feelings and the fears of the soul. A person’s hands can show you what was his mind devoted to. The tan of his skin can reveal how often he received the sun’s gentle touches. His scars tell about his fights. The barely noticeable shiver on his face can show you his deepest emotion.

The healthy body is a source of strength and self-esteem. Through it, you have the energy to chase your goals and the motivation to get better. A person owes to himself to take care of his body at least out of self-respect.

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