Self-humiliation – The measurement of love in the contemporary world

How do people measure love? Through the compromises and the humiliation they are willing to take in order to save their relationships.

Pride is considered as the biggest obstacle to love and as its destroyer.

What is the most common answer to the question why does a mistreated wife stay with her husband? She loves him too much. Hmm. WRONG. The right answer is: Because she is a weakling who has looked for someone to crawl before throughout her whole life.

What is the most common answer to the question why does a man stay with his girlfriend although she cheats on him with the whole neighborhood? Is it because he is too in love with her? It is either that or he is a prideless creature which would accept any humiliation in order to avoid being alone.

He hits me. She cheats on me. He is an alcoholic. She is a gold digger. He does nothing. She is still in love with her ex. These things do not impress people. After all, isn’t love all-forgiving?

How could you expect from the other person to love a creature without dignity? How often do we have to hear the same story: “After I crawled and humiliated myself for years because of him/her, he/she dumped me. What an ungrateful bastard/bitch.” But maybe the real reason for the break-up was that at some point all rags should be thrown away.


But I am more interested in the other aspect of the argument.

When someone breaks up with their partner because they respect themselves and their beloved, that person is always stigmatized as cold and incapable of loving.

If your worldviews are incompatible and you decide to leave, you get the following comment: You are not capable of compromise.

If the two of you staying together would prevent one of you from achieving themselves and you get separated, people tell you: You are a ruthless egoist who thinks only about himself.


Actually, on the one hand, you want to be worthy for yourself and because of yourself. On the other hand, you want to be the person your partner fell in love with and you want to be worthy of his/her love. And you want him/her to be the person you fell in love with and to be worthy of your love.

There is no compromise in love. You have to offer it only the best of you. Love is supreme pride.

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