Does the individual has gender?

First, we must clarify what gender is. Unlike the sexes which are biologically determined, genders are social constructs.

The gender is bound to the behavioral models that are assigned to a certain group of people. “I am a woman.” is sex, “I am a woman – therefore I wear dresses and stay by the oven.” is gender. The idea that anyone can decide what their gender is, is the idea that what you are, does not determine who you are. And the most natural thing is for the individual to define himself.

Subconsciously, people divide all activities to male and female although in most cases that is wrong. Men watch football, women read magazines, pink is a color for girls, blue is for boys, and so on. It is not too hard to realize that colors do not have gender. But because of the hysterical need of conformism people accept that the mass case is right and the exceptions are wrong. Social norms point out as bad all differences in every single aspect of our lives.

The gender is determined by how an individual sees himself. It is not bound to the biological sex or society’s idea of what genders should look like. Just like everything else, this is something that the individual decides on his own. Yes, statistically speaking the chances of a woman wearing a dress are much bigger than a heterosexual man going to work in high heels just because this morning he thought it would be a cool idea. But the individual is not part of the statistic and he can do whatever he wants to.

As usual, the quarrel about the gender ended with patheticness from both sides – those that are terrified from having to explain to their kids that they have free will and believe that the constitution decides what their gender is and the other who complain that the female figure on the bathroom door wears a skirt.  These are public bathrooms. They are created for the needs of the masses. No one can expect from society to satisfy his personal self-expression. That is moronic and it should be beneath every person. Besides toilet are separated based on the sex and not the gender. And yes, to have green tiny people on both doors, one with a penis and one with a vagina, is also stupid.

The gender problem gets even worse because nobody really knows what it means. Including those who invented it. The term “gender fluid” is absurd. In its essence, the gender cannot be something fluid. It is like saying today I am a communist, tomorrow a democrat, and after that a fascist. Or to adopt a child and to give it back after a week, and a month later to adopt it again. There are decisions that can change often like what do you want to eat or which is your favorite song. But what is your gender is not among them. One must have clear views of his own identity and he must be ready to stand behind them. The rest is just nonsense. If a person believes that while he chews tobacco and chops wood is a man, and after that when he reads a fairytale to his child is a woman, and then when he decides to watch an action movie he becomes a man again, this person needs professional help. Such levels of stupidity are seriously disturbing.

The idea that there can be dozens of genders is also a red flag for anyone with a brain. Just because someone likes to have sex while it rains, does not mean that this person has his own gender. At least for now. But if we keep going that way, in the future there will be. Without a doubt, the genders are less than ten. Every other claim is simply ridiculous.

But with all the gender drama that is happening, we have to ask ourselves a very important question. Who cares? For me, it is a mystery how people find the time to think about their own gender not to mention the gender of others. The true nature of a person is not determined by their gender. Actually, it says almost nothing about them. No one thinks that they found themselves because they changed the color of their hair.

Can we decide what our gender is? Yes, we can. Or at least some of us. Does the individual has a gender? Yes, he does, but unlike the collectivists, he also has everything else.

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