Thanos: A villain or a hero in “Avengers: Infinity war”

In “Avengers: Infinity war”, Marvel had once again decided to put some salt into one of the deepest wounds of mankind. The movie pointed to the problem which hangs above us and gave us two options: a wrong decision or a lack of decision.

Thanos had realized that the overpopulation would destroy the Universe. He had created a plan for stopping that and implemented it. And he was ready to pay the price. His plan was not perfect but he was the only one who decided to act and he deserved respect.

Yes, what Thanos wanted to do would have cost many lives. But he guaranteed that half of the Universe will be saved. The alternative was to lose the whole Universe.

There were two mistakes in Thanos’s philosophy. First, he preached that his actions were “mercy”. But no intelligent person would believe that he could think that. Thanos knows very well that what he does is mercilessness but it is completely necessary in this situation.

Second, Thanos had decided that the absolutely random principle of deciding who will live and who will die was the correct one. However, he should have thought that the Universe has already reached the edge of the Apocalypse with this proportion once. If the status quo remains the same, he will have to do the same thing several million years later.

Thanos, who was defined as the mightiest creature in the Universe, should consider himself capable of choosing who will live  and it is not a matter of wealth, youth, or race but of who is capable and can contribute towards the progress of the Universe.

And while Thanos was on a mission for saving all species, let’s see what “the heroes” were doing.

The overpopulation is a real problem and the future of the world depends on how we are going to overcome it. The Avengers do not have a solution. They do not think about the fact that when they have defeated the last villain, they will discover that humanity has died because of its own weakness. (Of course, they will not be able to notice it because they will have done the same.) The only goal of the Avengers is to impede “the bad guy” from achieving real results. They will eventually save the Universe from Thanos. And what will be next? Watch it collapse under the weight of its own biomass?


Just like with Ultron, Marvel gave the villain a worthy cause, and then they perverted it in order to present it as an evil one. Instinctively, each viewer is obliged to take a side: the wrong one or the wrong one. But the living ones know that there is a third alternative: their own.

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