FIFA World Cup 2018 – An occasion to celebrate the world

Once every four years, the world gathers to show its diversity, beauty, and desire for victory. The FIFA World Cup concentrates the essences of all nations and disperses them individual and united, conveying the message of unity, belonging and development. And now the moment to celebrate the world through football has come again.

The World Cup is a turbulent encounter of the different faces of the world. The sands of Egypt clash with Russia’s taiga. Australia’s endless plateaus face the unapproachable rocks of Peru. Germany’s proud restraint stands next to Mexico’s expressive freeness. Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania  all have come to show their brightest colors and to admire the shine of the others.

The World Cup proves that we are all one. Everyone feels that they belong exactly to their country but feels also like an integral part of the world. Those who come close to the tournament know that this is something they share with all the other people and that fills them with light. Yes, all are rivals, but they are happy that everyone will have the chance to show their abilities in a worthy battle. At the World Cup, everyone likes everyone  the strong ones for whom victory is a matter of honor, as well as the outsiders who overcome themselves and write history, as well as the hesitant ones who find courage and achieve their moment of glory. During the World, billions of people concentrate their best emotions on one thing and that feeds the whole world with energy.

The World Cup is unity, but at the same time, it is individuality. Everyone has gone there because he is good, but the winner can only be one. The tournament shows that respect and friendship are best shown precisely in the form of a competition. The mere presence of teams is enough reason for joy and pride, but victory is the time when emotions reach their peak and happiness becomes power. The ability to win the trophy and to be called the best in the world is the motivation that drives everyone to be the best that they can be.


The World Cup is an opportunity to remember our relationship with the world and with every person in it. It is a symbol of life, will, and growth. We are all here and this is the moment to celebrate it.

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