Everyone should be judged according to their own moral code

Morality has always been associated with the mainstream idea of right and wrong. People look at it as a product of society, a system of rules that every man should follow. And those who dare to break them are proclaimed to be unworthy. But the moral is a value of the individual spirit and not the masses.

Every single one of us needs to make their own moral code. To determine what is important to them and what is not. To decide who they want to be and to choose their own path. Everyone chooses their group of values that determine the basic rules of their universe. I am, therefore my world also is.

There is not a single individual who has the same moral as the society. The commonly accepted moral is a fake structure that aims to enslave humanity. It has no connection with reality and can only serve as a restriction on the intellectual and emotional world of the individual. Judging everyone by the same standards goes against the primal human nature which always follows the urge for individualism. People can be judged for not having any values at all, but not for the values that their soul chooses.

Everyone should be judged according to their own moral code. There is only one crime in our world and that is to deny yourself. Only a man of honor can be accused of dishonesty. The one who threw away his beliefs out of weakness. But we cannot judge the dishonest for acting without dignity. He does not betray his honor. He just never had it. Who swore to be loyal to the truth should tell it with bleeding lips and has to whisper it with his dying breath. The liar has no such duty. He lies to achieve his goals but this is not a retrieve from his own identity.

You can blame the virgin if she loses the battle with her lust but you cannot marry a popular prostitute and then judge her that she lost her virginity before the wedding night. You can be disappointed in the president for not respecting the law, but you have no right to judge the mafia boss for that – it never was among his values. You can sentence the good housewife for poisoning her husband, but you cannot blame the serial killer for being violent when his goal is to free every shade of bravery from the material world.

“Salvador Dali was not modest enough.” “Hitler did not follow strictly The Ten Commandments”. “Amelia Earhart did not spend enough time at home and did not give birth to three children.” Such sentences cannot exist. You cannot blame someone for not achieving things that they do not pursue. This is just absurd.

The moral code is a result of the ability of an individual to live according to the laws of their own soul. And how close are they to it is the only standard according to which they should be judged.

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