The betrayers of humanity – the lowest creatures

Destruction, moderate existence, weakness, mediocrity, going further away from human nature. Some of the more naïve ones will assume that humanity finds all these things disturbing. But in reality, it is afraid of only one thing – greatness.

I constantly meet people who are worried that mankind is too powerful. They are terrified by the strength of man and the idea that the individual determines alone their destiny makes them scream. It is my duty to calm all these people. Dear traitors of your own kind, do not worry. Humanity is great but you are not a part of its greatness. You are not a part of humanity.

The gods are stronger than us. This is what every single man preaches. Even if they do not believe in the religious gods, almost anyone is willing to accept that if such gods existed, they would have been stronger than humans. Ridiculous. When a god appears and asks to be the ruler of the Universe, the Human can answer only one thing – “Sorry, this place is taken.”

Stop crawling at the feet of gods who do not even have the decency to have feet. It is disgusting, it is insane, it is pathetic. This world belongs to us. We live and die for it. We build it and we destroy it. We love it. Here rules our love and the love of our world and no one else’s.

In every concept about an extraterrestrial race, the aliens are always more developed than us. They must be superior to us in every way. What kind of nonsense is this? How low should the self-esteem of a humanlike being be to believe that it is the most inferior humanoid race in the Universe? Even statistically speaking this is just stupid.

Lately, it is getting cooler and cooler to admire the superiority of machines too. They are dead, but they are better with calculations. Well, people have priorities. Call me an Absolutist but I choose to believe that even if you drew a mouth and eyes on a toaster, it will still be beneath a human being.

Our kind gets humiliated all the time and in every way possible. Even more. The traitors celebrate this humiliation. The gladly accept the reign of powerful spirits. They feel good because they make themselves small in front of their gods. They are grateful that they are just dust in the storms of destiny. They welcome the spaceships on their knees and they wonder how can the aliens be generous enough to conquer us. They smile in oblivion when they hear that they will have to become cyborgs to not be destroyed by the machines. They melt in joy whispering the mantra that the Earth does not need us.

Ok then. So be it, you tiny worms. Give up on humanity if that is what you want. Betray your nature, leave who you are behind. But do not dare to degrade this essence with your lies. Humanity is great. Humanity is love. And humanity is absolute, whether you like it or not.

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