Society is God

The rule of religions has ended. Now we are under the dictatorship of the public opinion. Everything on Earth will be decided by the omnipotent collective.

Each activity or event is always evaluated by its impact on society. The individual cannot follow his dreams but has to serve the public interests. Scientific discoveries should not be made in the name of the genius but for the benefit of society. Art should not be created in the name of beauty but to protect the values of society. Criminals should be judged according to the moral code of society and not to the one of those who are directly involved. Prisoners pay their debt to society and not to the victim or themselves.

Each individual person spends his days in bowing to the society. He has defined it as a supreme master and a supreme judge.

Society decides everything. You cannot wear whatever you want because it is not publicly accepted. You cannot dance on the street because it is not publicly accepted. You cannot be a fascist because this is not the leading ideology of society. In the past, it was obligatory to be a fascist because it was the leading ideology of society.

Every thought of the common person is subordinated to the religion of the collective. If he is told to hate black people, he hates them. If he is told to love black people, he loves them. If he is told that Earth is flat, he believes it. If he is told that Santa Claus is a woman, again, he believes it. The contemporary person perceives himself as a part of the mass of the weak and knows that his only chance for survival is to think just like everyone else. Society, as a magnanimous and generous master, is ready to give food, money, shelter, and consolation to those who swear their eternal loyalty to it. But it will throw thunders on the heretics.

The contemporary person is grateful to society for its protection. Every evening, he prays that the society will introduce enough laws and will hire enough policemen who will save him from his fears. Subconsciously, he understands that he is not strong enough to survive on his own, so he must attach himself to this reef of dead corals and to stay there forever.

And as a primitive fanatic, the contemporary person offers sacrifices to society. First, he gives his mind by refusing to think critically on his own and leaves that to the wise collective. Then, he sacrifices his dignity in the name of the safety of society. He agrees to be monitored by 300 CCTV devices per day and to be searched as a common lowlife with or without reason, only so that the neighbor can sleep calmly at night. Finally, he inevitably gives up his whole life and transforms into a shrouded brainless shell.

Society judges and condemns. It also creates hells for the sinners but it does not wait until their death to send them there. The first hell is called prison. Everyone who has broken the social laws goes there. The individual will is the biggest crime and receives the toughest punishment. But there is another hell as well. The one in which you are seemingly free but actually you are in a cage of helpless arms, you carry the weight of others’ resignation and you are being tortured by the sheepish gazes of everyone around you.

The decisions of society are based on two factors: needs and fear.

One of society’s main needs are resources for the exponentially growing population. As a result, wealth in each of its forms is taken away from the strong ones and is distributed equally among the non-deserving. The second need is safety for the pilgrims. For this reason, society establishes peace, which is not based on the fact that everyone is strong and can live without attacking the rest but on the fact that everyone is too weak to attack anyone else.

Society’s only fear is the Individual. He can think on his own and discover what is right and what is wrong. What’s even worse, he can create right and wrong. He can survive on his own and does not plan to pay with his living power for being jounced. He loves the unknown and is ready to break the harmony of being to pieces only to feel how light will refract through them.

For these two reasons, the future will be built without free-thinking individuals in the name of safety and comfort for the growing homogeneous crowd.

The contemporary moral code protects the well-being of society but not of the individual and humanity. The society will destroy the individual in the short term and humanity in the long-term. The person with individuality is already tortured, oppressed, and muted. But since he is the only one who can create, humanity is doomed without him.

Today, Society is God. It has the power to rule over human life according to its whims and to give sentences as it sees fit. It sucks the living energy leftovers from all of its members in order to grow like a giant swollen octopus. And whether it will win, is up to the individual.

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