Game of Thrones Episode 4 – the spectacle of grey mediocrity

The former greatness disappeared. There are no strong characters, there are no genius minds, there is no tension in the air. No one is holding their breath. It does not really matter what is going on now, because it is all a meaningless illusion.

This is what the most popular TV series has become. A flat, boring play that does not deserve attention. If you kill the Night King in the middle of the season, you have to be more than certain that you will have something to do until the end. And they obviously did. After the insignificant destruction of a thousand-years-old magical creature with higher intelligence, built up by a dark mysticism that could kill all mankind, we were all devastated by the execution of Missandei.

While Missandei was in her role as the not so beautiful Helen, Tyrion decided that it was time for preaching. In the real world, Cersei would have had him killed immediately. He is a disgusting traitor who deserved to be pierced by a thousand arrows at the moment he allowed himself to talk about her love. And I do not think Cersei would miss such an opportunity. She is aware that her chances of winning are very low, and the effort to negotiate with honor was obviously overdone.

Meanwhile, the game “To kill a dragon” is getting more and more intense. The Night King first scored a point, but obviously, Euron, a simple peasant with a crossbow, has the same ability to kill the world’s most powerful creatures. However, as we all know, the winner will be Arya, who will behead Drogon with her spit.

But let us not underestimate the drama in the north, where Brienne demonstrated her excellent impersonation of Norma from “Passion of Hawks“. Suddenly lost virginity, disappointment, and woman’s weeping. Impeccable performance to the smallest detail. Cersei also had her moment on the soap scene, delivering a flawless performance by lying to a man that she is pregnant with his baby.

We also cannot pass by the spineless bastard John. He once again managed to set a record of betrayals, considering the fact that at this point he is competing only with himself. He betrayed Daenerys by revealing his past to the others and then humiliated his family by taking the position of Daenerys.

Jon Snow abandoned his wolf. With this act, he gave up on the name Stark forever. And he was not the only one. The pathetic worm, the psychopathic serial killer, the empty space and the black hole that wants to swallow life on Earth. Is it expected of me to call this bunch of creatures The House of Stark? My only comfort is that Ned is no longer among the living, and he will never see where are his children now.

The Universe of Game of Thrones was murdered. We are now facing a war whose outcome does not matter. The end has come. Now, all we have left is to crawl powerless to the finish line.

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