Allies of Absolutism #6

Amos Alcott – because of his modern views and because he knows that as the man, so his God

Aquaria – because she achieved herself on her first try

Costi Ionita – because of his contribution to culture (Costi Forza!)

Diogenes – because he is searching for an honest man

Dwayne Johnson – because he is a fluffy rock

E. E. Cummings – because he knows that life, for the eternal us, is now

Ed Wood – because of his passion for cinema

Fiki – because he tells the world that love exists and because he is the best at persuading women to date him

Francesco Borromini – because of his genius for architecture

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson (Madame de Pompadour) – because of her role as a philanthropist in France

Kim Kardashian – because she fights against unfair prison sentences

Kubrat Pulev – because he knows how a true winner acts

Panayot Volov – for his participation in the uprisings for the liberation of Bulgaria

Panayot Hitov – because of his contribution to the April Uprising, the liberation of Bulgaria, and the Unification

Petya Dubarova – because she truly loves happiness and suffering

Plamen Mitkov – because he is a contemporary painter who creates real art

Preslava – because of her genius in the area of crawling

Ramesses II – because he is a true pharaoh of Egypt

Serena Williams – because she is determined to win with her own efforts

Shangela – because she was brave enough to get out of her box and rediscover herself

Stephen Greenblatt – because he prefers to stay human

Viktor Angelov – because he wants people to be capable and real

Walt Whitman – because he dedicated a song to himself


You can find the whole list here: Allies of the Revolution

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