Every sentence must begin with „I”

Every sentence must begin with the word I. Otherwise it has no added value and is completely meaningless.

With every sentence one must leave one’s own mark on the world. I create reality. I expand the universe with my ideas. I will do this to fulfill myself. These are the things that matter. Statements that carry these messages are worth saying.

Sentences that do not begin with I are of two kinds: impersonal and self-denying. The former are unnecessary and the latter kill the world.

The time is good. The sky is blue. Two plus two makes four. We’ve heard these things before. They don’t need to be said out loud. Facts are necessary, but they are there on their own. One must build upon them by their own evaluation.

It’s worrying when you have a 20-minute conversation about installing chips in people’s brains and you still have not understood the other person’s opinion about it. Usually you hear something like, “Yes, that’s happening.” followed by, “Now where are we going to eat?” But at least killing humanity is a topic that deserves either approval or a scream.

It is great that objectivity exists. It’s like a single huge rock in a world made of air. But encyclopedias do a good enough job of informing us about objective reality. Fact should only be stated when it is new or when it is totally non-obvious. And when an individual talks about reality, they will give an assessment at least in the I accept it/I don’t accept it aspect.

But conversations about the objective reality are the lesser evil. The second alternative is to talk about “others” or “us.” About other people’s needs, desires, and goals. (But mostly about their needs.) As long as you talk about how you as a faceless person will serve the collective, the topic is safe. If others have come up with or done something of value, they will state it themselves. The person in the third-party role can only express their judgment.

Modesty contributes nothing to the world. Pushed to the extreme, it contributes to its destruction. Leaving one’s own ego and aspirations in the background may coincide with modern morality, but it harms the individual and therefore humanity. The individual exists to fulfil themselves fully and any postponement of this is time wasted.

A sentence should only be spoken if it creates. And, in case you’re wondering – yes, every sentence in this article begins with I.

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