“Legend of the Seeker” – a true revolution

“Legend of the Seeker” is a series that takes us on the path of a revolution led by overmen. Although it starts as a story for children, it quickly develops and introduces us to a multitude of exciting characters and profound storylines.



Richard is the typical main character with one exception – he really is completely perfect. He literally has no flaws, other than precisely having no flaws. Richard achieves what all other fantasy heroes fail at – he is truly loyal and always defends the right stand.

Richard’s care for the world is completely genuine and comes from his personal depth, not an external idea that this is the right thing to do. He is generous and compassionate without exception, even when it puts his life at risk. But he can also be stern and lead with a firm hand when necessary. He is capable of experiencing love and has proven its truth more than once. And most importantly, he has the ability to always see the good in people, and he did the right thing every time when he trusted his worst enemies.



Kahlan stands alongside Richard on the list of worthy people in this series. She’s brave, magnanimous, and carries a strong light within her. However, there is one huge problem with her – her gift as a confessor. She completely destroys people’s souls with it, and the show pretended that as long as she wanted them to do good, everything was fine. She only used her powers when she really had to, but once the confessed cannot be freed, the only option is to kill them.

Kahlan, however, had at least three storylines of utter perfection where she sacrificed everything for Richard: the one where she let herself off the cliff; the one where she agreed to go back to their true universe; and the one where she married Darken Rahl. The last example is an absolute masterpiece from an emotional standpoint – in this storyline, Kahlan had to endure Richard’s disappearance and become the wife of the man responsible for all her misfortunes. But while she had a plan, she still lived for the idea that Richard would come back and everything would be okay. The moment she saw the severed finger in her son’s hands was heartbreaking. She realized that it had been all for nothing, that she had no chance to make things right and that she had to kill her last hope herself. But she endured it. The suffering she had to go through made her a superhuman, and because of the heroism she showed, she still managed to put the world right again.



Zed is a typical image of an adult wizard who protects the protagonist and he has all the qualities expected of him – wisdom, courage, intelligence and affection. Zed proves himself to be a great character in the very first episode, explaining that Richard’s training consisted of letting him grow up free. Zed also has a wonderful relationship with Shota – because he understands both her charm and abilities and all the dangers she poses.



At every moment, Cara was more than wonderful. From a skilled and fearsome warrior, she was transforming into an innocent child learning gentleness and kindness for the first time in her conscious life. She was able to evolve and discover new aspects of her personality without, however, denying her former self. She was learning to trust and to love and had her little victories without even noticing them, lying to herself that she was only doing the right thing in the name of duty to serve. But even when Mord-Sith were a thing of the past, she continued to be one of them and proud of it. She only took from the spectrum of light what complemented her personality, but she upheld herself as a being of darkness and remained true to it throughout.



Shota is probably the most original character in the show. A particularly powerful witch who is only driven by her own self-interest, but must help the main character to protect herself as well. Shota has a passion for magical power and wants to master it further and further. Her love for Zed is genuine, and while she despises him for refusing to be great with her, it is evident in the important moments how much she understands and appreciates him. Shota proved herself in the scene where she was left waiting for Richard for over 50 years. Having lost everything of value, forgotten of all hope, she just stood and waited to give the world a chance to come back to life. And actually, thanks to her, it happened.


Story-wise, the show’s greatest strength is that it poses numerous profound storylines that would really come into play in a revolution. In almost every episode, the characters have to choose between two valid truths. One of the strongest examples is the episode where Richard had to protect the children of Darken Rahl’s soldiers from his own allies. Then he had to choose the right decision and the honorable man over strategy in the great war.

“Legend of the Seeker” shows that every battle is important. And that’s exactly why each one deserves to be lived.

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