Personal morality – the compass for your path

“Morality” has become a dirty word that people can barely force themselves to say with utter disgust. And there’s a very good reason for that: there is assumed to be just one morality that is valid for everyone. The social morality that has reigned supreme for the last millennia can be summed up by the following: don’t kill and don’t wear short skirts, and all their variations.

Except that morality, personal morality, is key for every single person. It is determined by the values of the individual and in turn determines the right choices in any situation. Everyone needs a personal morality in order to judge what is right and wrong for themselves.

When a person’s life is dedicated to achieving his ideals and defending his values, he lives morally. The right thing to do is to be yourself and follow your path of development wherever it takes you. A ploughman is moral at heart when he ploughs. A thief at heart is moral when he steals.

What is immoral is stepping away from yourself, your values and your ideals. Just as killing may be immoral for most, mercy may be immoral for others. To an honest person, stealing would be an immoral act. For a young boy with a gift and desire to be an artist, it would be immoral to study to be a doctor just because his parents expect him to.

Know thyself. See what your values, ideals, and basic assumptions are about you. Only then will you be able to know which of your actions are right and which are wrong, and you will be able to give yourself a fair assessment of your life.

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