Respect – a measure for the giver and the receiver

Respect is one of the basic relationships between people. Like all worthy emotions, it has recently been on the vanishing point in the world. But its existence speaks volumes, both about the object and the subject.

There are two types of respect – basic and earned.

Basic respect is felt for people and things simply because they exist. It means respecting the person because he is a person; the stone because it is a stone; and the door because it is a door. It is a given and as such, says nothing about the object that receives it. However, whether one is capable of experiencing it is determinative of one’s personality.

Theoretically, everyone should feel this respect, but in reality it does not happen. In fact, only people who respect themselves experience it. For a person who understands his own value in the universe, it is abundantly clear that everything else in existence also has such value in itself. The man who cannot value his own soul and has accomplished nothing so as to deserve his own approval shows contempt and irreverence for everything else as well.

Earned respect is respect on a whole new level, existing because of specific qualities of the object. It means respecting a person because they are strong, brave, capable, decisive, self-assertive, etc. This respect can only be felt by people who are capable of the former, because they know the meaning and weight of this feeling. However, it is more key for the receiver because he has been worthy of it.

A man can respect anyone as a human being, but only a few deserve his respect as individuals. If the other person fights with honor for his values, he gets respect, even if they are completely opposite to those of the individual. But if he is unworthy, the subject sees him as something valuable and wonderful for being a universal creature, but despises him for choosing to be a nobody and not fulfilling his potential.

Respect is neither utopian nor a given. There are still people who are capable of giving it, and their evaluation is the most accurate compass on the superior-inferior plain. On the other hand, respect cannot be demanded on principle; everyone has to earn it.

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