Money does not rule the world

Money does not rule the world. Just because someone lives in a palace, spends as much in a day as an entire family spends in an entire year, and can bribe governments does not make them the master of the system. He is a puppet in the same play where the poor man steals from the random passerby, drinks himself into unconsciousness and beats his children.

The poor man cannot experience love. He spends his days thinking only of his own needs and cursing earthly goods only because he could not take them for himself.

The rich man cannot experience love. He wastes his money instinctively trying to fill his emptiness. He gets hold of everything superficial that comes to his mind, but it never occurs to him to ask for anything real.

The poor man is not free. He serves the society so that he can know that he will have something to eat for the rest of the month. He is a prisoner in his own mind, where the thought of what he cannot afford destroys any chance to create something on his own.

The rich man is not free. He serves the society to know that he will be allowed to keep his money. He is a prisoner in his own mind, where imagination and ambition are exhausted by satisfying his domestic whims.

The poor man doubts himself. He does not think he has qualities and deep down he believes his fate is just. He constantly compares himself with the rich and feels insignificant alongside them.

The rich man doubts himself. He extracts some self-confidence from his hand-sewn suit and his nameplate in the office, but he also fears his every weakness. Internally, he knows he’s not a strong person, that he won’t make it in a situation that really matters, that he’s dependent on public approval.


The Overman is poor. He is a rebel, living only by the song of the Revolution in his heart. He is a hermit who renounces his daily ration to look deeper into his soul. He is a wanderer, whispering a beautiful phrase into the impenetrable night that keeps him warm until morning. He is a laborer, slumped under the burden on his shoulders, but with his eyes fixed steadfastly on the sky.

The Overman is rich. He is a creator who will put all he has into the future of humanity. He is a prodigal who would burn bills to give freedom to fire. He is a philanthropist who would invest his life force to let art shake the earth. He is a dreamer who will pay enough to see his dream crumble at the last moment.

The world is ruled by puppeteers… or the living. And their battle is what determines everything else.

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