Journalism – the pursuit of truth… or not

Journalists are the main source of information about what is happening in the world. Even though nowadays everyone has access to the information flow and can participate in it not only as a consumer but also as a creator, journalism is still the source that enjoys the greatest authority. And for this reason, it is deeply worrying that journalism is built on premises which are in conflict with reality.

Journalism claims to provide objective information. But this is absurd.

The first problem with this principle is that objective facts have no particular value to humans. That something simply exists or happened is insignificant if stripped of the evaluation we give it. And yes, in theory, everyone should be able to remove a fact from the emotional evaluations and judge for themselves, but in practice, what happens is exactly the opposite.

When you choose not to state positions, you support the status of the dictators of the day. “The government has put cameras in every park in the country.” What follows is a short report on the capabilities of the new equipment, which ends with a quote from the Prime Minister – “the safety of citizens must always come first.” This action has been carried out. And this man actually made the statement in question. But constructed in this way, the piece cleverly manipulates reality and gives the impression that what has happened is a good thing that will make our lives better.

The second problem is that you can’t be objective when you don’t present all the necessary knowledge on a subject. The media decides what to report to the world and what to withhold, which gives them the power to turn humanity’s head wherever they see fit.

If we prioritize information according to its importance to humans, we should be constantly informed about the state of the world and humanity. But quite coincidentally, these are the facts that are missing. Thousands of hours of material about the various political parties, the intrigues between them, the petty and big deals, the elections, and all sorts of other nonsense. But if the media actually wanted to say something useful to the public about politics, why are they not reporting the fact that democracy is a failure? We tried, it doesn’t work. It’s about time we found out and told those who haven’t yet thought of it. But instead of looking for new societal models, the media are doing their best to toe the line of power. We point the finger at journalism under communism and mock propaganda material, but these days there is not a single media outlet that is not hysterically promoting democracy.

In that vein, every major news outlet should begin like this: Humanity is dead. This is surely the most significant news that concerns every single person on the planet, but it is being unwittingly omitted. “The system controls our minds.” “Postmodernism is a product of the inability to feel love.” “Having legal institutions and having a backbone are mutually exclusive.” Is anyone informing us of these things? Of course not.

And while neither of these statements is abstract, let’s allow that excuse for a moment. Let us assume that the media have no philosophical functions and lack the necessary skills to enter the spiritual world of man. But then where are the key elementary facts of our daily lives? Why “Trump said another stupid thing” instead of “China is taking over the world”, why “Putin was bad again” instead of “China is taking over the world”, why “The price of lettuce jumps two percent” instead of “China is taking over the world”. Because what we don’t say won’t be realized until it’s too late.

But the most naive premise on which journalism is built is that people want to know the truth. This is the source of the degradation of professional mediators. That the world wants them not to be carriers of the truth but very good liars. Because the common man is not interested in the truth. On the contrary. He loathes it, fears it, and runs away screaming in despair if he meets it by chance in the eyes of a poet or at the end of a dirty alley.

Power is not strong enough to hide the truth. People are just too weak to find it. They choose to watch an illusionary screen that feeds them meaningless facts and promises peace of mind. They choose a world ruled by fear and weakness because they know that is the only world they can survive in. And the media shows it to them. Hidden behind the only mask their audience can bear.

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