Cersei Lannister – the Overman on the Iron Throne

Cersei Lannister. The haughty aristocrat who crushes anyone who stands in her way. The merciless queen who delights in unspeakable cruelties. The vengeful pervert who thirsts for power. The selfish maniac who cares only for her own feelings. The immoral bitch who uses any method to destroy her opponents, believing that everyone is her opponent. The bad character in Game of Thrones. The villain of the world. Yes, Cersei Lannister is all of those things. But what has escaped the audience is that she is an overman.

Cersei is experiencing true love. Her relationship with Jamie is absolute. Two twisted monsters fused into one beyond the end of eternity. Two blades of black crystal covered in the blood of love. When they both look at each other, the world ceases to exist.

To the traitors who tried to separate them and turn Jamie into a blond Jon Snow, I say: I’m not giving him to you. Cersei Lannister does not give him to you. Jamie and Cersei belong together with every fiber of their bodies and any other plot is a dirty lie.

Cersei loves her children.
She is the mother dragon, willing to scorch every city in Westeros to secure their future. But even though she had devoted her life to protecting them, she was strong enough to lose all three of them.

Joffrey. There is no one else in the world whose soul could truly love Joffrey Lannister. That vile, evil freak of death, devoid of all things human. Just imagine the greatness it takes to love such a person. Cersei has the courage to look the most horrific creature in the eye and see only love.

Myrcella. Despite her love, Cersei had been able to accept that she had to part with her daughter for a very long time. Unfortunately, she never got a chance to talk to her again. Cersei condemned those who took Myrcella from her to a slow and painful death. But what else do you have the right to expect after you killed Cersei Lannister’s daughter?

Tommen. Yes, Cersei knew that Tommen would not bear Margaery’s death and killed her anyway. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t love his son. Cersei simply understood that what was too weak to survive would die.

Cersei doesn’t want to make the world a better place. She doesn’t care about people’s problems. She doesn’t care about the development of humanity. She wants to live. To live the way the overman lives – free, loving and with her head held high with pride.

Religious fanatics have tried to stop her, but have only strengthened her power. When she bent down to drink water from the floor of her cell, she turned into a goddess. The walk of shame was the ritual by which the crowd fell at her feet. Naked, proud, and in love, she walked steadfastly towards her freedom, despite the price she paid at every step. The steely will of the individual clashed with the ugliness of the crowds. And individual spirit won, blossoming more beautiful than ever. Cersei proved that when the great fall, the earth trembles with admiration.

Cersei deserves to sit on the Iron Throne. Not because it is her birth right, but because she has earned it. She chose it, fought for it with all her might, suffered for it, and felt it in her veins. The Iron Throne belongs to her because every time she has fallen on the road to its conquest, she has bandaged her wounds and moved on.

After the end of season seven, Cersei finds herself in the situation of the living person in the modern world. On one side are the dead masses, whose sole purpose is to turn the rest of us into dead people, and on the other are the filthy nobodies who have stolen the dragons that belong in her heart.

Cersei knows there is no room for compromise. All or nothing. That is the honorable choice.

She who wants herself. She who loves relentlessly. She who is guided only by her own rules. She is life itself, and only her pulse makes the sun rise over the Iron Throne.

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