Man is inferior – The premise on which society is built

Why do we need laws, police, courts and prisons? Everyone answers that without them people would be killing each other randomly on the streets. However, one must ask oneself if it is normal to have such a low opinion of humans as to believe this.

Assume that some people will continue to live conscientiously, strive to achieve their goals, and not resort to violence or “crimes” when it is not necessary. The other part will immediately start stealing, raping and killing, intoxicated by the new reality.

Why does the law exist? Because people are bad and do terrible things. Why do the police exist? To fight the bad guys. Why does the court exist? To punish the bad guys. Who are prisons built for? For the bad guys. Some people pretend that these institutions are there to protect the good guys, but that’s just silly. This is how the basic pillars of society are erected around the idea that man is inherently inferior, cruel, and depraved.

Perhaps, this is the place to note that people are right. If we removed laws tomorrow, everyone would really start killing each other indiscriminately. But here the logical question that follows is: What are you going to do to change it?

People say “but that’s the way it is” and end the topic. According to them, it is the most natural thing for man to give in to base passions. It is normal that there are those who will do it, but if we think they are the majority, the situation is obviously out of control. Why isn’t something being done about morally uplifting man and making him a worthwhile being? Instead, society just sends him to jail and keeps saying that things are not going to get better. Shocking.

There is another problem in the system of judging and punishment. It is the same for the thug who stabbed a grandmother in front of her house to steal her purse with two bucks in it, and for the warrior who shot his beloved because she asked to see the face of Eternity. Yes, your law does not allow the worthless to do harm, but it also forbids the free to be great. So each of us faces a choice: Letting the ugly go free or destroying the beautiful?

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