“Quantum Warrior” – The Truth About the Universe

John Kehoe’s Quantum Warrior is an invaluable book for anyone who wants to gain a more complete and organized understanding of how the universe works. This book manages to explain in scientific way the basic processes of the universe that are present in most spiritual teachings, but without whispering in the background that man is inferior. The weakness and manipulations of Eastern mysticism are replaced by facts and the conclusion is clear: man can do anything.

The basic idea revealed in the book is that we live in a quantum reality. Until now, the most common understanding of reality follows Newton’s laws and according to them everything is mechanical, lifeless and predictable.

But this is far from true. The universe is made up of quanta, and what’s specific about quanta is that they can do whatever they want. Quanta are both particles and waves. This gives them a virtually unlimited amount of possibilities. They are not constrained by physical form and can appear anywhere in space.

We live in a quantum field where each thing vibrates at its own frequency. From a pencil or a building, to happiness and love, everything has its own vibration that can be felt energy-wise. If we want to receive something from the universe, the way is to tune ourselves to the appropriate frequency. In this way, what is desired naturally becomes part of us and materializes in the physical world as well.

The deeper our beliefs about something, the more often and easily it comes to us in reality. If we want to find success and happiness, but at our deepest level believe we don’t deserve it – we can’t have it. Quantum Warrior explains that beliefs are stronger than desires. That’s why one of the most psychologically useful things we can do is to analyze our beliefs, and if they limit us, challenge them and change them.

What most definitely won me over in the book is the choice of the word warrior. It shows the realization that each of us is a warrior, both in our own lives and in the great battle for the world and humanity. The book sends a message that we should live precisely as warriors and strive for the best, whether we give or receive. And there is no more important message than that.

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