Skillet –The road to Revolution

The path of the warrior of the revolution is clearly seen in the songs of Skillet – from his awakening, through the period of becoming mature, to his conscious readiness to be the leader of the rebellion. In their songs we find all the basic values of the living – love, freedom and individuality.

There’s a lot of searching in Skillet’s earlier songs, as well as a lot of doubt. Most young people go through exactly this state – they are awake and ready to love, but the outside world offers them only rejection and darkness. It is at this point that the hero must show the greatest courage and declare that he will stand up for his values and love to the end. In other words, he must state adamantly that he is “awake and alive.”

Love is always present in every song. For the sake of the person they love, the hero will always achieve their best self and give their all to protect their love. That same person will also be his protector, making him feel invincible. Love is everything and always motivates us to seek truth and light.

As the years pass, the lyrical hero of Skillet’s songs goes from fighting for the salvation of his own soul, to a universal revolution. He has now accepted that he is different from others and his path will not be like theirs. He has suffered losses, but he knows they will not break him. He has become a mature person for whom there is no turning back. He prides himself on his weirdness and extraordinariness and urges other people to let go and be themselves too: “I’m a freak naturally / Just how I want to be / You’re a freak just like me”

In the album “Unleashed” we already see the accomplished leader of the revolution. It is in full swing, and he has taken his place as the savior of the world. Here we already sense an absolute determination in the ultimate success. The enemies are trying to push the rebels down, stepping on their necks, but they do not yet realize that they are made of fire and are invincible.

There is one verse that deserves special attention:

Magic, static, call me a fanatic
It’s our world, they can never have it
This is how we rise up
It’s our resistance, you can’t resist us

This is us warriors, magical, surprising, happily fanatical. We recognize the world as our natural home and we will fight for it. And last but not least, we have a great charm that will win over even the most skeptical ones.

Every searching, struggling and loving soul can truly relate to the songs of Skillet.

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