Spring – the most powerful force in the world

The energy of spring is that of the eternal wish for a brighter and better future. Spring renews the world every year and brings into it a new youth and a new aspiration for life.

Spring is fragile, ethereal, subtle, but it is the spring that breathes life into every flower, branch and heart and makes everything possible. While summer and winter simply rule unconditionally, and autumn slowly brings a respite to nature and prepares her for rest, spring should awaken every creature and charge it for new life. It must give it a good enough reason to come out of its comfortable sleep, to rise against the winter cold, and stand with all its energy on the side of life.

Spring has to gently nudge every flower in the earth to raise its head against winter. She must caress it so gently that it does not break, but also give it the strength to fight the cold winds. No matter how hard they blow against it, the flower must stand. For the whole world depends on it.

Spring must clothe the trees in white and pink. Branch by branch, blossom by blossom, she must open them all and fill them with fertility. She also brings the honeybees who will pollinate them and turn them into succulent fruit full of sunshine and sweetness.

Spring calls the storks and swallows, along with all the other birds to return. She sings the songs that tell them it is time to come home. Here their old nests await them, where life will bustle and their young will hatch.

Spring brings the sun back. It carves a way for it through the blueness and bestows upon it its heavenly throne. The sun walks its journey with her, spilling radiant love that caresses everything on earth with a gentle warmth.

Every spring is a revolution. It rises against the emptiness of the world to bring boundless beauty and anticipation of summer. Spring is a bustle from which only the brightest days of future can be born.

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