Theory versus practice – which is true?

Theory and practice often differ. Nowhere is this statement truer than in the philosophy of Absolutism. Therefore, we must answer which of the two to believe and rely upon.

Theoretically, at the deepest level, every person is absolutely perfect. He is individual, decisive, strong, capable, free and loving. The whole universe depends on him. In practice, things are not like that at all. Every person we see on the streets is weak, whiny, conformist, incapable of emotion and completely in denial of himself.

In this case the theory is true. Man is a great being because that is his essence and the essence of the universe. What happens in practice makes absolutely no difference on this level.

If we consider a particular man on the earth level, in many cases he could theoretically be a nonentity. No one expects greatness from the man who has long since lost faith in all that is beautiful; from the superficial bart whose main value is her new dress; and from the person who has devoted his life to the service of the masses. But if these men achieve excellence in any form in any situation, it must be acknowledged to them and everything else must remain in the background.

In this case the practice is correct. Even if everything indicates that a person has no chance of self-realization in this life, if he achieves it, it cannot be denied. The facts are simply there, and in such a case theory must give way.

The conclusion is that between theory and practice, what is valid is what leads to greatness, progress and self-affirmation. Perfection is always true. The power of the soul overcomes all rigid forms of reality, the individual step towards truth crushes every fiction of logic.

There is another factor in this case: the overman is capable of creating reality. If theory and practice are on the same side that something is base and worthless, the overman has the ability to change that. If he chooses perfection, that perfection will live in defiance of all that claims it cannot exist.

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