“Monk” – Ten best episodes ranked

“Monk” is a wonderful TV show that gives us a good crime mystery, original humor, and a main character we can fall in love with. Here are what I think are the best 10 episodes (in chronological order) that give the best insight into the overall series.


Season 1 Episode 6

Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum

              This episode is a mix between the angst of watching an unscrupulous doctor take advantage of Monk’s mental problems to discredit him, and the hilarious situations that inevitably arise when he’s locked up with people far more insane than himself.


Season 2 Episode 7

Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect

              This episode introduces us to perhaps the cleverest murder in the entire series and certainly the best alibi. But it’s not just that – Monk also has to cope with the absence of his therapist, which is a sure sign to expect some ingenious coping techniques.


Season 2 Episode 15

Mr. Monk Gets Married

              This is a wonderful episode that really showcases the chemistry Adrian and Sharona have as partners in crime (but not in life). Randy also participates with some personal drama, and the mystery revolves around a long lost gold treasure.


Season 2 Episode 16

Mr. Monk Goes to Jail

              Why would anyone kill a man who will be serving his death sentence in a matter of minutes? That is the main question of the episode, but viewers also get to see whether Monk is capable of finding a wonderful person in prison.


Season 4 Episode 14

Mr. Monk and the Astronaut

              For me, this is definitely the most interesting killer in the series. It also explores what it means to be a real man and whether it is possible for Monk to fit that definition.


Season 5 Episode 2

Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike

              Some of the funniest episodes are the ones where Monk is driven to a total nervous breakdown. Here, because of a prolonged strike by the garbage workers, Monk is pushed to the limits of his mental health. His crises are more than one, and with each one his connection to reality is lost further and further.


Season 6 Episode 6

Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure

              This episode is a combination of several enjoyable plots and motifs – we see Monk’s attempts to be a mentor, his desire to please Dr. Kroger, his absurd feud with Harold, and of course, another nervous breakdown when he finds himself in a dead-end situation.


Season 6 Episode 10

Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa Claus

              How to complicate Monk’s life even more? Well, by making him the most hated man in town after he shoots Santa Claus. An absurd situation where Monk can shine with all his social inadequacy.


Season 6 Episode 15-16

Mr. Monk Is on the Run Part One and Two

              This is the first double episode in the series, with a pretty serious atmosphere and pushing the plot forward with Trudy’s murder. From the position of a wanted criminal, Monk must uncover his enemies and save innocent lives.


Season 7 Episode 10

Mr. Monk’s Other Brother

              This is one of the series where the humor in the plot heavily dominates the mystery. Adrian has to deal with his half-brother, Jack Junior, who is apparently allergic to the truth.

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