Are you happy with yourself?

This is the question that gives the best judgment for any person. Only you know your own goals, standards and moral rules, so you are the best judge you can have. How you feel about yourself cannot be influenced by either public opinion or opposing intellectual arguments. And that feeling is the only one that matters.

Are you doing what you think is right? Do you stand up for your values? Do you give your best every day? Do you relentlessly pursue your goals? Do you not let fear, routine, other people’s opinions, etc. slow you down and deny you? Can you rely on yourself?

These are the kinds of questions whose answers everyone carries within, but we must be clear with ourselves to see if we are on the right path in life.

If the answers are no, that person would feel that they are not giving their best and would not be proud of themselves. But the realization of this negative answer should act as a slap in the face to motivate them to be more purposeful and committed to their dreams.

If the answer is yes, that person cannot be intimidated by anything. That person approves of themselves, believes they are right, and neither public opinion nor any outside pressure would stop them.

The person who likes and believes in oneself is invincible. Therefore, anyone who wants to be that way just has to make sure that they are doing the best that they are capable of every day and in every situation.

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