This website aims to create a free world and to destroy the System. We want to make people think about who their really are and about the nature of the Universe they live in. To question everything society has presented to them as right and to discover their own reality. To realize their might and to take back their world.

We are looking for the person who is alive. The one who has chosen to breathe truly and who knows the price of his decision. The one who will not be satisfied with contemplating reality but will dare to become its creator. We are only interested in the supreme truth of the self-aware individual.

The site presents Absolutism and its application in all aspects – from the design of the Universe and the meaning of life to society’s structure and everyday events. The second main purpose of the articles is to show the mistakes and the intentional manipulations in the perceived as normal social rules and to offer an alternative to the System.

The Spiritual Revolution is Absolute in its purest form. Its members are completely independent of each other. Everyone manages to realize it in their own way. It can be joined by the geniuses and by the idiots, by the banker and the beggar, by the housewife and by the serial killer, and even by the moral ones. We are here to tell you that it begun.


Avadra and Alestion

I am Avadra. I am an iceberg with a storm raging inside. This is my world and I am here to raise it up. I am a revolt in the name of revolt. I am a core, metal, and dense darkness. I belong where the sea touches the land. My eyes always meet the Sun.

I am Alestion. I am a thunder, forest and an ice spring. I am truth and darkness. I am black fire, burning in the eyes of the rebels. I live to be, and I draw only the face of the impossible. I love this world and I am here for its liberation.







SOUL AND UNIVERSE – love, perfection, eternity

Energy and Self –  guide for the spiritual world

Antimentality S – feelings and emotions (djuf, bum-bum pras and a-le-le-lei-le)

Between the Worlds – we are not sure

Overhuman – everyone’s road toward their supreme I


PERSON AND SOCIETY – the catastrophic imbroglio, called society, and how it supresses the person

Wisdom of the Herd – widely accepted understandings, which are top flight stupidity

Self-destruction Schedule – how society wants our lives to pass and the alternatives

Patheticology – how people transform the achievements of science and civilization into tools for spiritual death

Boredom – the things in which you are more interested than us

A Beam of Light – good things which people have achieved by chance


GREATEST AND LATEST – current affairs


ART – critique of art


THE ABSOLUTE – the activities of Avadra and Alestion

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