Foundations of Absolutism


Absolutism is a philosophical and cultural movement which focuses on the deepest absolute essence of things. The principal values of Absolutism are Love, Freedom, Beauty, he Overman. Everything else can be a value of the same importance for the separate individual.

Absolutism accepts as a primary truth that: The man is originally perfect and has endless potential. The Universe exists on the basis of harmonious contradictions where the opposing extremes exist side by side and only together they reveal the whole truth. The rest of the Absolutist theories are based on these premises.

The individual is the center of the Universe. Absolutism aims at the person’s development to his supreme form. However, it emphasizes the importance of every step of the road as well. The Overman lays within everyone but the person is perfect at every stage of his development. The individual should walk his own way until the end in order to become an Overman.

The Overman is a whole universe. He can be everything and everything already lays within him. He is a future but also a current reality which simply needs to be achieved. Life is a road towards achieving oneself.

The Absolutist theory about the creation of reality is the Radical Subjectivism. Everything, which is pure truth in one mind, is an absolute reality. Two or more contradicting truths do not make any of them less real. The human is a creator of reality: the reality follows the senses and not the other way round.

Love is everything, literally everything. Everything is only love. Love is the primary reason for life and its essence. Everything in the Universe is interconnected, everything loves everything else. The different lives of the individual souls give them the opportunity to love specific things and to live individual loves. The individual love is the supreme connection between two souls and it is the most important one in this dimension. All loves are right.

Freedom is absolute. You can be and do everything , literally everything. The individual does not face any limitations from the others and from the Universe. He has the right to be not-free, to be pathetic, to take freedom away. The individual has the freedom to do everything but also the choice of what to do and what not to do.

Absolutism looks at the Universe interdimensionally – it considers both this world and the other dimensions. This world is the most important one in this moment because we are precisely here now and this is the purpose of the current incarnation. However, this world is seen as a part of the Universe as well, as one of the many dimensions, with which it is intricately connected. The purpose of this dimension is that one lives separate specific things as a whole.

The Transspectrality is a characteristic feature of Absolutism.  It aims the achievement of the whole spectrum or, in other words, of everything. In Absolutism, good equals evil, dark equals light, joy equals pain, etc. The two opposing extremes as well as all the phases between them are equally valuable. In the Universe the balance of the spectrum is maintained when each color fights with the others for dominance. With time, the spectrum evolves as the shades change, disappear, and appear. The individual should get to know the whole spectrum from the position of his own color.

Absolutism expects everyone to reach his truths for himself so it does not expect people to agree with it.

Absolutism’s goals can be realized through a Spiritual Revolution.

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