Fictional Characters Allies of the Revolution

These are the book and movie characters who participate in the Spiritual Revolution.

Fictional Characters Allies of the Revolution


A Brave New World

Helmholtz – because he chose to go to the Falklend Islands


A Song for the Human

The human – because he sung at the gallows and because he knows that life will come more beautiful than a day of spring



Albena – because her inside beauty is as amazing as the outside one



Michelle – because she disappears like a phantom in the dark

Gruber – because of the faces he makes when he thinks that René is flirting with him

Herr Flick – because of the erotic scenes with Helga and because of his plans for catching criminals

René – because he is the biggest sex symbol in Nouvion

Leclerc – because of his disguises


American Horror Story

Liz Taylor – because she is the first woman in the world with prostate cancer and because of the way she pronounced flowers



Anastasia and Dimitri – because they found who they really are

The Empress – because she knew that she and her granddaughter will be together, no matter

what she chooses



Ariel – because she was willing to do anything in the name of love and freedom


Artificial Intelligence

David – because he kept chasing his goal beyond the end of the world

Teddy – because he stayed with David and because he saved the mother’s hair



Jake Sully – because he chose the real world

Neytiri – because she is one with the Universe

Grace Augustine  – because she is a scientist who understands the value of beauty

Moat – because she understood the language of the Spirit


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang – because he combines the innocence and the youth of his current incarnation with the ancient power of the Soul

Katara – because she is the voice of common sense

Toph – because she is a blind ten years old girl that can crush anyone who stands in her way

Zuko – because while he was looking for others, he found himself

Iroh –  because he knew that the spirit of the moon is sacred and because of the lightning bolt lesson

Mai – because she chose love although it was beyond everything she had ever known


Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast – because their love crossed all boundaries



Merida – because she won herself



Louis – because he chose the riot although he was representing submission and the law



Catwoman – because she understood that freedom is power



The six married murderesses– because they did not let society judge them


Chicago Fire

Severide – because he’s as cocky as they come, but if you were lying in the street, he’d give you the shirt off his back

Herman – because he is the heart and soul of Firehouse 51


Chicago P.D.

Hank Voight – because he does justice by his own rules


Corpse Bride

Emily – because she was the most alive character in the movie


Dead Poets Society

Keating – because he taught the young ones to live

Neil – because he chose to follow his dreams

Nuwanda – because of the phone call from God and because his name is Nuwanda

Todd – because he yawped

Knox – because he seized the day


Desperate Housewives

Bree – because she overcame all her limitation in the name of love

Gabby – because her passion was stronger than her flaws

Mike – because of the dark shade in his personality

Andrew – because of his relationships with Bree

Edie – because she uncovered her body and her soul

Mary Alice – for her skills in telling stories

Angie – because she was strong enough to defend herself and her beliefs

Keith – because he fell in love with Bree

Karen McCluskey – for being alive until her last breath

Eli Scruggs – because he never leaves a mess

Ida Greenberg – for saving Lynette’s children


Downton Abbey

Lavinia– because she knew that after you have given everything in love, you cannot ask for the freedom of your loved one in exchange


Down with Love

Barara Novak and Catcher Block  – because they know what “love game” means


Eating Out

Tiffani von der Sloot – for her adorable debauchery



Elektra – because she is the treasure


El Internado

Fermin – because he is a contemporary superhero

Hector – for being a real teacher

Ivan – because his love is proportional to his patheticness

Saul – because he knew when to kill his men and when to love them

Lucia – because she did not obey the strong ones

Jacinta – because she took care of everyone


11 Minutes

Maria – because she is not a body that has a soul but a soul that has a body


Fight Club

Tyler Durden – because he created the club and because of his T-shirts


Finding Nemo

Gill – because he never settled for living in aquarium and he found out a way to escape

Dory – because she speaks whale

Marlin – because he overcame his fears and crossed the entire ocean to find Nemo

Nemo – because he saved the fishes from the net

Nigel – because he helped Marlin escape the seagulls and find Nemo



Demetri – because he chose to fight for his life

Mark – because he fought for a right future

Simon – because he decided to get a revenge after they used his mind

Zoey – for deciding that she and Demetri should choose how to interpret their flashforwards

Al – for choosing to change the future



Joey – because he has a big heart

Phoebe – for being mega-inadequate and because of her songs

Ross – because July’s only flaw was that she was not Rachel and because he took Carol to the altar

Janice – because of her laughter and because of Oh, My God

Richard – for giving Monica up because of her happiness

Charles and Nora Bing – for naming their son Chandler Muriel Bing and because of their dialogue on his wedding

Amy – because she lives in her own world

Sandy – because of his sensitivity



Elsa – because she let it go

Olaf – because he is a snowman who dreams of summer


Game of Thrones (TV series and books)

Cersei – because she is brave enough to love Jaime and Joffrey

Jaime – because he would kill every single person on earth until he and Cersei are the last people in the world

Ned – because he was strong enough to make the choice between honor and love

Catelyn – because she is a mother with dignity

Robb – because he chose love

Hodor – Hodor, Hodor

The Hound – because of his relationship with his brother and his relationships with Sansa and Arya

Theon – because he reached the very bottom of degradation

Drogo – because of the wild strength of his spirit and body

Olenna – because she knows how to put people in their place

Varys – because he really cares about the kingdom

Jon Umber – because he laughed when Grey Wind bit off his finger

Arthur Dayne – because he is the Sword of the Morning

Loras – because of his love for Renly

Brynden Tully – because he did not betray his castle

Edmure – because he was worried about whether his wife will be pretty

Val – because she did no kneel before Selyse



Vincent – because he proved that will is stronger than genetics

Jerome – because he surpassed his full potential

Irene – because she chose the side of the living

Dr. Lamar – for supporting Vincent the whole time



Sue Sylvester – because she married herself, because of her relationship with Becky and for her mockery of others

Will Schuester – because he supports talent

Kurt – because society couldn’t stop him be himself

Burt – because he was the best father to Kurt

Santana – because of her love for Brittany


Gone with the Wind

Scarlett – because she chose to fight every time she reached the bottom and because of her love stories with Tara, Melanie, Ashley, and Ellen

Melanie – because she carries a supreme strength and because she leaves flowers at the graves of the Yankees

Mammy – because of her criteria for demeanor and class

Ashley – because two great women are in love with him

Ellen – because she remembered her first love and because, according to her, mares never give birth

Gerald – because of his refusal to give the Ironclad oath and because he died jumping over the fence

Dr. and Mrs. Meade – because they kept their love despite everything that happened to them

Beatrice Tarleton – because she gave Nelly for the war

Archie – because he left Scarlett

India – because she told Rhett that she admits her mistake but still despises him and because she was not afraid to go out


Grey’s Anatomy

Cristina Yang – because the coldest and most rational brain faced immense passion and love beyond consciousness

Meredith Grey – because when she gathered all the evidence that the world is ugly, she understood how beautiful it is and because she went to the execution

Teddy Altman –  for her ability to connect with the ones she loves

Derek Shepherd – for his ability to see people and to face the truth inside them once the masks have fallen

Miranda Bailey – for her great monologues and because she rose above

Owen Hunt –  because he supported Cristina when she decided to make abortion

Craig Thomas – because he refused to be defined by time and because he knew what it means to be a genius

Callie Torres – because she is a superstar with a scalpel


Guardians of the Galaxy

Drax – because of his love for his family and his sense of humor and because he is a not dancing person


Harper’s Island

JD – because he was not afraid to find the truth

Sully – because he transformed from a shallow jerk into a hero

Shane – because he knew what he was not but he achieved the best of what he was

Chloe – because Wakefield couldn’t have her


Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledore – because he is the only one that Voldemort ever feared

Voldemort – because of his love for Dumbledore and because he chose worthy objects for his Horcruxes

Sirius – because he combines love, pain, and struggle

Snape – because he fought on the right side

Fred and George Weasley – because they are warriors with creativity and a sense of humor

Dobby – because he wants to be a free elf

Moody – because he is mad-eye

Luna – because she believes in crumple-horned snorkacks

McGonagall – because she is strict and because she loves her students

Hagrid – because he raised Fluffy, Aragog and Norbert

Kreacher – because of his loyalty to Regulus

Aberforth Dumbledore – because he supported the fight even though he did not believe in its success

Fleur Delacour –  because she thanked Harry for saving her sister and because she said that it would take more than a werewolf to separate her from Bill

Lily Potter – for her love for Harry

James Potter – because he defended Lily and Harry

Xenophilius Lovegood – because he has a name


Home Alone

Kevin – because he knows what to do when he is home alone

Old Marley – for helping Kevin and for calling his son

Pigeon Lady – because she understood the pigeons

Mr. Duncan – because he truly loved children and because he gave Kevin the pigeons


House M.D.

House – because of his irresistible propensity for self-destruction

Wilson – because of his irresistible propensity for self-humiliation

Amber – because she is a cut-throat bitch even according to House’s standards

13 – because she chose to live until the end

Andy – because she knew that her life can be wonderful even if it lasts only one more year

Nick and Matty – because they were ready to sacrifice themselves for one another

Hugo – because he wanted to do the most meaningful thing in his life he was able to

Della – because she preferred her brother to live rather than exist


Ice age

Diego – because he chose the good side without giving up being a predator

Sid – because he is the sticky thing that holds the pack together

Manny – because he saved the human child in spite of this past and because he chose his real herd

Ellie – because she believed that she is an opossum

Crash and Eddie – for their adventurous spirit and because of their relationship with Ellie

Buck – because his name is long from Bu

Scrat – because he really cares about his acorn



Hector – because he defended his family although they were the ones who started the war


In Desert and Wilderness

Stas – for saving Nelly


Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones – because he named himself after his dog

Henry Jones – because he took down the German plain with an umbrella

Short Round – because he helped for the liberation of the children


Inferno (movie)

Zobrist – because he knew that humanity must stop producing babies


Jurassic Park

John Hammond – because he succeeded in creating “Jurassic Park”


Kane and Abel

William – because he did the right things in his professional and in his personal life

Kate –  because she was the most valuable thing that William found in Kane’s and Cabot’s liquidation department


Kill Bill

Beatrix Kiddo – because she refused to be buried alive

Bill – because he knew who he is and because he understood his love with Beatrix

Elle – because she knew who is the worthy individual

Pai Mei – because he showed his secret technique only to the one who was walking towards the higher self

O-Ren Ishii – because she fought with dignity and respect for her opponent


La que se avecina

Estela Reynolds – because she is a muse of the sexual revolution


Legend of the Seeker

Richard – because he fought every battle at one hundred percent

Kahlan–  because she sacrificed herself for Richard from another dimension

Zed – because he refused to use his powers against the natural order of things

Cara – because she is proud to be a Mord-Sith and because she understood the language of the night wisp

Shota – because she does what she has to in order to stay free and because she was waiting for Richard in the castle

Corah – because she chose to be a beast to save her kingdom

Cara’s father – because Mord-Sith could not force him to give up on his daughter

Rachel – because she managed to take the box out of the castle


Les Misérables

Jean Valjean – because he always did the right and the good thing

Enjolras – because he is in love with the marble statue of freedom and because he was shot like a flower

Gavroche – because of the song he sang, while he was gathering the bullets

Monseigneur Bienvenu – because he gave the silverware to Jean Valjean and helped him change



Nate – because he admitted that he was a thief and was proud of it

Sophie – because she is a good actress only in real life

Parker – because of the place she lives in and because of the fork sticking

Hardison – because he is a hacker for whom feelings are more important than reason and because of how deep he gets into the cons

Eliott – because he knows when something is very distinctive

Tara – because of the con she did without saying a word


Life is beautiful

Guido – because he turned a concentration camp into a children’s game

Dora – because she went with Guido


Life of Pi

Pi –  for his connection with nature and because he saw the real face of the world

Richard Parker  – because he knew that when you are free and in love, there is no need to look back


Love Actually

Jamie and Aurelia – because they found a common language

David and Natalie – because they didn’t care what society thinks of their relationship

Billy – because he admitted who was the most important person in his life


Mad Max

Max – because he understood that the battle matters

Imperator Furiosa – because she refused to be somebody’s property

The Splendid Angharad – because she proved that beauty is the supreme power



Marty– because he chose wild freedom even though he had the comfort of the zoo

The penguins – because they are penguins who are secret agents

King Julian –  because of his noble magnificence


Malcolm in the Middle

Reese – because he has the most deviant mind

Lois –  because she can handle her sons



Maleficent – because the world needs a hero and a villain and she is both

Aurora – because she loved the unknown the way it is


Married with Children

Аl Bundy and Peggy Bundy – because of the romance in their relationship and because they are so low that even the System can’t reach them



Matilda – because she stood up against Trunchbull

Miss Honey – because she really loves children



Monk – because he keeps living in this world in spite of the fact that he is afraid of everything in it and because he leaves the table askew

Trudy – because she stood behind her love for Monk

Sharona – because she was pushing Monk to get over his phobias


Moulin Rouge!

Satine – because she is the sparkling diamond

Christian – because he knows that the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

Harold Zidler – because he loves Satine and for his performance of “Like a virgin”

Toulouse-Lautrec – because he created the play and because he helped Christian and Satine

The Argentinian and the dancer – for the “Tango de Roxanne”


Mr. & Mrs. Smith

John and Jane – because they stayed together even though that was the deadliest combination and because the only truth in their lives was their love for one another


Murder in the First

James Stamphill – because of the way he went through the trial and because he became Henry’s friend

Henry Young – because he achieved a victory over his fear



Gauvain – because he was always true to his principles


On the Road

Dean Moriarty – for being completely free


One Bulgarian Woman

Iliytsa – because she managed to pull the pole and to cross the river


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Randall Patrick McMurphy – because he is the Anti-Combine

Chief Bromden – because he became big enough to run away


Of Mice and Men

Lennie – because of the rabbits and the ketchup

George – because he always took care of Lennie in the best possible way


Pippi Longstocking

Pippi – because she is the strongest girl


Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack – because he is the worst and the best pirate at the same time

Barbossa – because he is a true pirate captain

Davy Jones – because he took out his heart for love and for his performance with the pipe organ

Calypso –  because she is untamed like the sea and because she took Davy Jones to herself



Pocahontas and John Smith – because they discovered the language of love


Resident Evil

Alice – because she fought against the dead in the name of the living and because she refused to be a clone

Matt – because he didn’t let the virus reach his heart



Evelyn Salt – because there is no one like her



Jigsaw – because he wants to make people appreciate life


Scooby Doo

Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne – because they solve the most complicated mysteries



Lito – because it is impossible not to hug him


Sex and the City

Samantha – because she is a fully confident woman



Sidharta – because he wanted to find wisdom in his own way



Shibille – because he went alone to the village

Rada – because she went alone to the mountain

Murad bey – because he understood that such man should not die



Shrek – because he has layers

Fiona – because she chose her true beauty

Donkey – for being annoying enough to be great

Dragon – for falling in love with a donkey



Father Bobby – because he made the right decision

Michael, John, Shakes, Tommy, and Carol – because they achieved an evening of total perfection

Rizzo – because of the football game


Stand by me

Chris – because he did not back down and because he prove that one choose what one will become in the future


Sucker Punch

Babydoll – because she found a way out

Wise Man – because he knew that the individual has all the weapons he needs

Rocket, Blondie and Amber – because they fought for their freedom

Sweet Pea – because she accepted that strength is not only to sacrifice yourself but to let others sacrifice themselves for you too

Vera Gorski – because she cared about the girls and she helped them find their inner voice


Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn – because nobody owns her



Tarzan – because he understood what it means to be human

Jane – because she jumped into a completely different world and made it her own

Professor Porter – because of his passion for exploring the nature

Kala – because she chose her son


The Architect’s Apprentice

Jahan – because he was drawing buildings in jail and for his connection to the elephant

Mihrimah –  because she fell in love with the forbidden

Majnun Sheikh– because he knew that God loves him and that he must not fear Him


The Chronicles of Narnia

Aslan– because he led the resistance and he gave the breath of life to the frozen


The Count of Monte Cristo

monsieur Noirtier – because he expressed the whole strength of his personality only with his eyes

Albert – because he was brave enough to admit his mistakes and because he slept while he was kidnapped by Luigi Vampa

abbé Faria – because he created things and developed himself in prison

monsieur Morrel – because of his support for Edmond and his honor of a man who keeps his word

Luigi Vampa – because of his roya dignity, although he was a shepherd and a bandit

Eugénie – because she threw away money and society’s rules for freedom and art


The Danish Girl

Einar and Gerda – because they were brave enough to change their own universe


The Devil and Miss Prym

Miss Prym – because she believes that people are good


The Devil Wears Prada (movie)

Miranda Priestly –  because the fact that everyone wants to be like her was bothering her and because she respected Andrea’s decision


The Dreamers

Matthew, Isabelle and Theo – because they dared to dream in a world, where dreams do not exist


The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince – because his heart did not melt

The swallow – because it stayed with the prince


The Hunger Games

Finnick – because he chose love and battle although the enemy was offering him everything else

Haymitch–  because he was alive enough to be broken by the Games

Johanna – because she rebelled openly against her enemies

Mags– because she died in battle and helped the others go on


The Huntsman

Eric and Sara – because they got married in a perfect way

Freya – because her heart froze and melted out of love


The Jungle Book

Mowgli – because he faced the tiger


The Lion King

Timon and Pumbaa – because of Hakuna Matata

Rafiki – because he knows that the most important thing is to know who you are

Mufasa – because he understands the Great circle of life

Kiara and Kovu – because they chose their love in spite of their differences


The Little Match Girl

The little match girl – because she was creating worlds from matches


The Little Prince

The little prince – for his love for the rose

The main character – for the drawing of the boa constrictor digesting an elephant.


The Matrix

Morpheus – because he never doubted the success of the revolution

Neo – because he chose to be The One

Trinity – because she chose to sacrifice her life to save Neo

Persephone – because of the kiss


The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Hercule Poirot – because of his little grey cells


The Nightingale and the Rose

The nightingale – for sacrificing everything in the name of someone else’s love


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack – because he was dreaming for more and he followed that dream


The War at Home

Dave – for his parenting skills



Loki – because he pursues his goals until the end with cunning and finesse


Through the plaguelands

Tiha – because she was brave enough to look love in the eyes

Velichko – because he came back

Hadji Dragan – because of his triumph over reality


Thus spoke Zarathustra

Zarathustra – because he is an overman



Rose – because she jumped from the boat, because she survived to really live, and because she threw the diamond into the ocean

Jack -because of his free spirit and because he saved Rose in every way that a person can be saved

Thomas Andrews – because he built Titanic and because he chose to die with it

Molly Brown – because she was unsinkable

The quartet – because they kept playing until the end


Treasure Planet

Jim Hawkins – for his infinite thirst for adventure

John Silver -because he proved that a criminal cyborg can feel pure love

Morph – because he is a super cool zoze


Two and a Half Men

Rose – because she is a professional stalker



Violet – because she didn’t let her genetics stop her


Under the Yoke

Boycho Ognyanov – because he had escaped from his exile in order to come back to Bulgaria and continue fighting

Sokolov – for being loyal to the cause and for raising the bear Cleopatra

Kandov – because of the transition from “For this freedom I wouldn’t give a drop of blood from my little finger” to “Shoot. There will still be Bulgarians” and because of his thoughts about Rada Rada – because she knew that Ognyanov is the noblest person in the world

Chorbadzhi Marko – because he wanted the crazy ones to live

Ginka – because she participated in the preparations for the uprising despite her family’s attitude and because she told them everything in the eyes

Kolcho – because he warned Ognyanov in the church

Muncho  – because this madman was the only one who dared to protest

Zamanov – because he did not betray the revolutionaries



Lucian – because he remained devoted to his love for centuries

Sonja – because she was ready to give life to the unknown



Makedonski – because he crossed the Danube

Strandzhata – because he created a home for the exiled


Van Helsing

Anna Valerius – because she had the strength to protect her family and home

Frankenstein’s Monster – because he wants to live


Veronika Decides to Die

Veronika – because she wanted to kill herself out of boredom and because she chose to live for love



Dolores – because she understood that in the center of the maze lies your own true self and because she chooses to believe that the world is a beautiful place

Teddy – because he has love and a battle and because he remained true to himself

Logan – because he was the only one who saw what threat the robots are to humanity


White Collar

Mozzie – because he is the child of an enigma and a paradox

June – because she knows when a man is worthy regardless of the crimes he has committed

Gordon Taylor – because he is a role model for thieves



Elphaba– because she defied gravity



Yami – because he realizes his millennium power

Kaiba – because he has priorities

Pegasus – because of Funny Bunny

Marik – because he cherishes his freedom more than a duty he did not choose for himself

Ishizu – because she cares about the harmony and the balance of the Universe

Yugi – because he reached his own power

Mai – because she insists on her enemy competing to the best of his abilities

Raphael – because of his connection to the cards

Mana – because she is the Dark Magician Girl and because of her inadequacy

Kisara – because her power materializes as the Blue Eyes White Dragon



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