Fictional Characters Enemies of the Revolution

These are the book and movie characters who are enemies of the Revolution.

Fictional Characters Enemies of the Revolution



O’Brien – because he chose the System even though he could see the rebellion


A Tale of Two Cities

Therese Defarge – because, in spite of her power, she was not able to go beyond mass guillotinage


American Horror Story

Donovan – because he betrayed absolutely everything in his life

Delphine LaLaurie – because she is a sick racist

Marie Laveau – because she thought that there can be a good reason to keep someone buried alive for a hundred years


Angels and Demons

Carlo Ventresca – because he was willing to fake a miracle


Atlas Shrugged

John Galt – because he wanted to stop the engine of the world

Hank Rearden – because he thinks that wild nature needs a billboard

Dagny Taggart – because she betrayed the world and because she managed to slip below all men in her life

Ragnar Danneskjöld – because he is the policeman of Objectivism

Dr. Ferris – because of Project X and the torture device

Eddie Willers – because the only thing he did was serving the strong ones

James Taggart – because he thinks that he has the right of weakness

Lillian Rearden – because she does not want anything

Richard Halley – because he believes that the men of art are businessmen

Hugh Akston – because all of his ideological children are spiritually dead

Midas Mulligan – because he is one of the creators of Galt’s Gulch and because he thinks that he lives according to the principle of love

Mr Thompson – because he waited for someone else to do something

Cuffy Meigs – because he activated Project X

Hank’s mother – because she calls weakness and jouncing love

Philip Rearden – because he wanted to live from Hank’s achievements

Robert Stadler – because he denied his beliefs and because he let the world use his genius for spiritual death

Orren Boyle – because he wants to be equal in aspects in which he is not

Ivy Starnes – because she is a baggy Buddha

Balph Eubank – because he thinks that there should be a quota of 10,000 units for book sales

Simon Pritchett – because he thinks that the duty of the philosopher is to prove that nothing can be known

Wesley Mouch – because of his economic believes



Miles Quaritch – because he existed only as a denial of reality

Parker Selfridge – because he is a weak fool



Tony Stark – because he crawls before the law and because he wants to build a shield around the Earth

Vision – because he is the total non-existence



Batman – because he is a rich cop


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly – because when she finally understood that she and her cat belong to each other, it was too late



Ilsa – because she was pretending that her pathetic feelings can be called “love”


Dead Poets Society

Cameron – because he chose submission

Mister Perry – because nothing could wake him up


Desperate Housewives

Orson Hodge – because of his letter to the police

George Williams – because he was obsessed with Bree

Danielle – because she is superficial and because she took Bree’s child

Gloria Hodge – because she thought that she had the right to control her son’s life


Doctor Strange

The Ancient One – because she believed that the most important lesson in the Universe is: “You are not the important one”

Kaecilius – because he wanted to destroy the world of the I


El Internado

Roque- because he chose his weakness in front of everyone he cared about

Noiret – because of his cruelty and because of his attitude towards Ivan

Santiago Pazos – because he was not strong enough to let his daughter die and because of the experiments with people


Fifty Shades of Grey

Anastasia – because she is a total doormat

Christian – because he does not want the woman beside him to have her own world


Finding Nemo

Darla – because she kills her pets


Game of Thrones (movie and book)

Jon Snow – because he is Jon Snow

Melisandre – because she killed all cool characters and because she gave birth

Daenerys – because she chained her dragons

Tyrion – because he betrayed his kingdom to savages

Bran – because he almost does not remember who Bran Stark is

Sansa – because she survives thanks to her weakness

High Sparrow – because he believed that shame is above love and because he got scared of death

Walder Frey – because of The Red Wedding

Joffrey – because he is a disgusting evil little creature

Tommen – because he betrayed the crown and his family and because he is too weak to live

Ramsay – because he is cruelty in its lowest form

Roose Bolton – because he betrayed The North

Gregor Clegane – because he killed Elia and her children

Quentyn – because he is ordinary mud

Lancel – because he joined the fanatics

Mirri Maz Duur – because she killed Drogo

Shae – because she betrayed the man who loved her twice

Lysa Tully – because she breastfeeds


Gone with the Wind

Rhett – because he is a heartless bastard with the ones he does not love and a pathetic coward with those he thinks he loves

Suellen – because of her unspeakable betrayal towards Gerald, her family, and the Southerners

Johnny Gallagher – because of his cruelty towards the prisoners

Jonas Wilkerson – because he was arrogant enough to ask to buy Tara

Emmy Slattery – because she is white trash


Grey’s Anatomy

Preston Burke – because he never thanked the hand that saved his life


Harper’s Island

Henry – because he believed that there was no other way


Harry Potter

Umbridge – because she imposed anti-freedom, she was wearing pink and she had tons of cats

Peter Pettigrew – because he is a coward and a traitor

Cornelius Fudge – because he would rather have the comfort of an illusion than the truth

Mundungus Fletcher – because his own miserable existence is more important to him than anything else

Lucius Malfoy – because he was grovelling before Voldemort

The Dursleys – because they were keeping Harry in a cupboard under the stairs

Fenrir Greyback – because he was biting people even when he was not in a werewolf form


House M.D.

Foreman – because, unlike House, he is boring and he does not care about his patients

James Sidas – because he preferred to be happy instead of smart and because he believed that you cannot have both



Achilles – because he is a heartless mercenary



Black Bolt – because he sentenced his brother to a horrible fate being too weak to kill him

Maximus – because he let Attilan collapse

Karnak – because he brought Gorgon back from the dead



Cooper – because he was only a ghost in the future of his daughter and because he believed in the rule of ninety percent truth

Murph – because she did not let her father stay with her while she was dying

Mann – because the fear of loneliness made him want to kill humanity

Professor Brand – because he believed that we should think as a species and not as individuals


James Bond

James Bond – because he is superficial and disgusting


Kane and Able

Abel – because he was boring and had complexes and because he allied with every low-life creature he met


Kill Bill

Vernita Green – because she brought a gun to a knife fight

Budd – because he condemned his enemy to a violent and unworthy death


Legend of the Seeker

Darken Rahl – because he was obsessed by the idea of ruling over the world

sister Nicci -because a powerful dark which is not called Nicci

James – because he wanted to deprive everyone of the truth of the fight and to force them to live in the lie of a disgusting utopia in a painting

Lara – because she took away people’s will without a real reason

Triana – because she made a mistake in her judgment about what Cara wanted


Les Misérables

Javert – because he was obsessed with capturing Jean Valjean


Little Women

Jo – because she became an ordinary housewife instead of an independent writer and called her previous dream cold and selfish and because she changed her writings in order to satisfy everyone

Laurie – because he replaced Jo with Amy

Amy – because he married Laurie despite is history with Jo and because she wanted to be a decoration of society

Meg – because she constantly repeated that there were more important things than money but did not stop complaining about poverty

Beth – because she was too fragile and weak



Stefan – because he took Maleficent’s wings



Trunchbull – because she hates children and because she created The Chokey


Moulin Rouge

The Duke – because he wanted to own beauty


Murder in the First

Milton Glenn – because of his horrifying monstrosity towards the prisoners



Cimourdain – because he chose the law and because he killed himself


Of Mice and Men

Curley – because he pointed his hatred towards Lennie


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

nurse Ratched – because she is the Combine



Winston – because he is an enemy of mankind and because he betrayed Edmond

Luis Avila – because he justified his desire for revenge with God


Resident Evil

Doctor Isaacs – because he let the T-virus kill the world



Amanda – because she corrupted Jigsaw’s work



Fairy Godmother – because she thought that monsters never get a happy ending



Nokes – because he did not have the will to suppress his disgusting desires and because he thought it mattered when it happened


Sucker Punch

Blue Jones – because he wanted to destroy every form of revolt

The Cook – because he took advantage of defenseless beautiful creatures

The Stepfather – because he killed Babydoll’s sister and then sent her to an asylum


Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller – because she believes that the law gives her the right to rule over people who are stronger than her



Superman – because he has all superpowers but they make him nothing else but boring



Clayton – because he wanted to lock the spirit of the wild in a cage


The Count of Monte Cristo

Edmond – because he thought he was God’s providence, because he was going to kill Albert in a duel, and because he whispered Haydee’s name in front of the village of the Catalans

Mercédès – because she married Fernand, because she did not say anything after Edmond came, and because he left Fernand without saying goodbye

De Villefort – because he sent an innocent man to prison for personal benefit

Danglars – because he betrayed Edmond from jealousy

Fernand – because he took the letter to the authorities

Maximilien Morrel – because he behaved like a thirteen-year-old spoiled boy when he threatened Valantine that he will kill himself if she marries someone else

Valentine – because she did not want to fight for her relationship with Maximilien and three minutes later, she agreed even to leave her grandfather

Héloïse de Villefort – because she poisoned everyone, even her son


The Fountainhead

Ellsworth Monkton Toohey – because he wants everyone to serve everyone and for him to be one of them

Howard – because he never lets pain reach the bottom and because he sees nature only as a resource

Dominique – because she let the objective reality kill the dark passion in her soul

Peter Keating – because he is no good for anything but serving, even after he has seen the truth


The Happy Prince

The Mayor – because he wants to forbid birds to die


The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Claude Frollo – because he thought that he loves Esmeralda


The Hunger Games

Coin – because she wanted to exchange one dictatorship for another

Snow – because he is a pathetic dictator


The Huntsman

Ravenna – because of her betrayal to Freya


The Lion King

Scar – because he killed Mufasa


The Little Mermaid

Ursula – because she played unfairly and took the soul of those she was able to cheat


The Matrix

Agent Smith – because he wants every person in the world to become no one


The Prestige

The Great Danton – because his obsession made him commit an utter monstrosity


Three Comrades

Robert Lohkamp – because of his total lack of self-esteem and because he considered life to be pointless

Ferdinand Grau – because he rejected life, the human, humanity, good, and knowledge



Cal – because his world was limited to objects

Ruth – because she believed that the personal choice is egoism



Bella – because she was totally ordinary

Edward – because he proposed marriage to Bella


Two and a half men

Charlie – because he betrayed his patheticness

Alan – because he is the greatest parasite



Daxus – because he wanted to rule over people and because he fought unfairly

Nerva – because he let Six fall into the well


Under the Yoke

Stefchoff – because he betrayed the Bulgarians

Chorbadji Yurdan – because he did not support the rebellion

Hadji Rovoama – because she is an evil liar



Victor – because he declared war on love and evolution



Ford – because he wants the robots to be free… under his control.

Dolores (fake version) – because she betrayed everything she believed in, turned into a soulless machine, and wanted to destroy humanity

William – because when he found what he was looking for, he could not understand it

Felix – because he betrayed mankind

Charlotte – because she thought she has rights over another man’s genius

Stubbs – because he let Dolores in the outside world, and withal in Charlotte’s body

James Delos – because he wanted to become a robot


White Collar

Neal – because he is a criminal who puts criminals in jail

Peter – because he escaped the most important decision in his life like a worm

James Bennett – because he did not take responsibility for the murder

Rebecca – because her feelings for Neal made her weak

Agent Kramer – because he wanted Neal to work for him in Washington forever



The Wizard of Oz – because he is a cheat and wants to forbid animals to talk

Madam Morrible – because she manipulates everyone to turn against Elphaba


Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff – because his feelings for Cathy were vanquished by hatred

Cathy – because she is spoiled and self-involved



Joey – because he is a third-rate duelist

Serenity – because she is a lousy little girl

Bakura – because he wanted to destroy the world


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