Does anyone know than men don’t wear dresses?

I doubt it. Otherwise, why haven’t you screamed? Personally, I screamed when I realized it.

In modern society, which brags about its tolerance and open-mindedness, it is still considered weird/immoral/unacceptable for men to wear dresses.

First, if you are a man, you wouldn’t even want to wear a dress. Why? Because you have been raised this way. Because that’s what you’ve been taught. Because your brain is washed to believe that the dress and you are incompatible.

And if one day you get up and think “Hmm, today I want to wear this comfortable sky-blue dress”, guess what: You can’t!


But society is proud of the fact that it has allowed women to wear pants. What a joy! What a democracy! And although this is considered a big triumph, the truth is we haven’t moved even one step forward. As the common saying goes, one can change one’s clothes, but one can’t change one’s prejudice.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. Clothes are an unavoidable uniform, prisoner-296515_640which defines your place within the System at every single moment. There is no difference between everyday clothes and prison uniforms. Someone may say that you choose your own clothes, but this is far from true. You can’t go to the office in your pajamas. You can’t walk in the park in your bathrobe. You can’t go to the club in your sports clothes. And you can’t even be without clothes at public places. Being able to choose the color and the model does not give you freedom, but only the illusion for freedom.

The truth is that slavery isn’t in the iron chains around your wrists. Slavery is not in the power of those who rule. Slavery is inside your own head. And until you break all the barriers in your mind, you can’t be saved. But I shouldn’t go this deep, I might burden someone. Just next time when you buy a blouse, ask yourself why are you doing it.

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