People must not have rights

The worst thing that has ever happened to people is that they have been given rights. I do not want rights. I want absolute freedom.


Rights and freedom are incompatible. For two reasons:

  • If you have the right of something, this means, that it is possible that you don’t have it.
  • The rights of one person limit the freedom of everyone else.


If you have the right of something, it means that you may not have it. You have the right to private property. You have the right to choose your own convictions. I know that I am free to do that. Even if it was not written in some little declaration, I would still have known it.

But this is how the law and rights are being positioned above you. It seems that you have these rights only because the law says it. Do they expect me to be grateful? Because someone has written down on paper something which is universal and simply IS true?

Giving rights is the most hypocritical way of ruling. You can only do what the people with power have allowed you to. Nothing else. As a return for their immeasurable generosity, they take control over you. But who cares that everyone has access to your personal data, when you have the right to return a blouse in the store? After all, we must have priorities.

If you have the right to one thing, this means that you do not have the right to some other things. In this sense, having rights is the most disgusting semblance of freedom. Rights is receiving crumbles. True freedom is realizing that you can achieve everything by yourself. There, the expressionyou cantdoes not exist.



The rights of one person limit the freedom of everyone else. Your right to be free takes away the other person’s freedom to rule you. And this is criminal. This is pseudofreedom.

Your own security cannot stand above the freedom of others. If you think that it does, you are a miserable rat, who aims for the destruction of everything beautiful. You prefer to spend your life in darkness, fearing from the Absolute Freedom.

In the truly free world the freedom of one lives on the battlefield against the freedoms of the rest.

Everyone is completely free as a Soul, but he also needs to be worthy of this freedom. You have freedom generally, but at the same time you have to deserve it and to defend it at every single moment.

It is wrong if someone doesn’t rob you just because the law doesn’t allow it. The right things is that he doesn’t rob you because he doesn’t want to. Or because you haven’t allowed it.

Nowadays, the freedom of one lives on the battlefield against the unfreedoms of the rest.

But should we take freedom away from everyone just because the contemporary person has transformed into a dependent, helpless, toothless, mindless mollusk which cannot defend itself? People’s answer is yes. Actually, people’s answer is to keep limiting freedom until they lose completely the remainders of their spines and dissolve into their own weakness.



Rights are for the week. Freedom is for the strong.

The rights are the paved road to the decadence of the individual because when people get rights, they start to take advantage of them. And they depend on their rights, not on themselves. This is how they begin to think: If I can’t find a job, I’ll receive aid. If my car breaks on the street, I will sue the city. If I marry someone whom I don’t respect and who doesn’t respect me, I can always get a divorce.

The proof of being free is to be able to take responsibility for yourself and your life. If only for a moment you count on the state, the law, or the institutions, you are a slave in chains of will-lessness, you are prey in the trap of dependency.



The result of all this is logical:

A dictatorship of the weak.

The more defenseless you are, the more rights you get. This is why being weak becomes attractive and even desirable.

You choose to live in the Dictatorship of the weak. You choose partners who are weak like you, raise your children to be weak, choose weak leaders and weak subordinates. You mask your weakness as goodness and humaneness. You join it together with the weakness of the rest in order to transform it into a weapon. And you do all this so that you don’t have to be strong. Next to you, the strong ones look like merciless monsters. Their crime is the fact that they are not afraid to be. You want to chain them and break them so that they become exactly like you. But you have already lost this battle. Fear cannot ever chain courage, cowardice cannot break the truth. The Non-existence cannot erase Life.

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