Rammstein – The world with no borders

Rammstein is a band about which everyone dares to have an opinion even if they haven’t heard even one of their songs. The fame of the contortions in their songs is big but no one cares to see the meaning in this contortion. This is what Rammstein really is:

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Rammstein is hopelessness. Caspar_David_Friedrich_-_Abtei_im_Eichwald_-_Google_Art_ProjectHope is gone in almost all of Rammstein’s songs. There, you face the unquestionable fact of total destruction. There, purity is destroyed, innocence is smashed, and happiness is doomed. And humanity is so much used to rely on hope. For this reason, it is particularly interesting to ask ourselves what are we going to do without it. When ahead there is only darkness, ready to swallow us in its ruinous omnipresence. When the decision to meet it, is the only one we have. That’s right, we enjoy the ineluctability.


Rammstein is truth. They make us believe that angels live carelessly in the sky. Do they? We think that sharks are evil creatures incapable of emotion. Are they? Truth is not on the surface. Rammstein dive into the deep – there, where they can see the tears of the sharks.

The desire for truth cannot accept any borders. The deepest essence of everything is highlighted. All masks are harshly taken and thrown aside, so that truth can be reached. And it is not always aesthetically beautiful. On the contrary, it is what one is scared to think about. But there is no need for beautiful words and gentle deviations from reality. The power can be felt in the intensity of the emotion. The motives in the songs are so brutally true that it is impossible to not admire their beauty.


Rammstein is sex. Rammstein have an ability shared only by few. body-1095226_960_720Sex, love, and trash are distinguished clearly in their songs. In terms of sex, the pretense that people are shy, or moral does not exist. Power, mystery, and exoticism are the things which light up the desire. There are no rules in sex. The road to pleasure will test you and lead you to your own limits, but the emotion will be real. Passion is your only guide and the right decision is to take its direction.



Rammstein is individuality. The personalities in their songs are strong. The individual is ready to seek and to know. To try and to err. To desire and to be.

The individual does not fit in the surrounding world. “I” and “they” are clearly divided. And, of course, “they” always stand against “I”. They want to build the railway in which the individual has to move. They will command how your heart should beat, what should you dream for and what you should believe in. They’ll take everything away from you until you transform into an empty package. But the individual rises and wishes for what it deserves: absolute freedom.


Rammstein is freedom. Taboos do not exist in Rammstein’s world. spiral-galaxy-1060381_960_720There, the person studies what the others run away from. There, imagination searches for everything which morality has hidden away from it. Incest or sodomy, cannibalism or pyromania – get ready to meet it face to face. This is a world in which you have to reach the peak of your own strength in order to survive.

Rammstein is a rebellion against all chains  – those of the body, the mind and the soul. Society has no right to tell the individual what to want, the individual wants everything.


Rammstein is love. Love is the primary reason for existence. One way or another, people’s fates always revolve around its axis. If there is love, it is the whole world and all that happens originates from it.

In Rammstein’s songs love is raised to the Absolute. It equals life itself. This is why only death can balance it (Roter Sand, Nebel, Klavier, Rosenrot).

Moreover, one of the two most romantic songs in the world is theirs – Frühling in Paris. Supreme emotion, supreme passion, supreme love.

But love also surpasses its aspect as a feeling between two people. It incorporates the universal love as well – where it merges with worship, faith and beauty. Which reminds me that:


Rammstein is light. Yes. In a world, where the bloody rotting bodies are scattered through the burnt ground, where depravity creeps to the most sacred nooks of good, where souls decompose in the darkness of insensibility, the appearance of the sunrise can be seen over the horizon. Because we know that the Sun will never leave the sky. Because every time you are sad, a song will be played for you. Because there is one heart which burns and awaits a brighter shine on the firmament.



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