Scientists are wrong. Science is not trash

Science does not prove wrong the theories of divinity. Actually, it proves that the divine exists.

At least Einstein knew that. The rest of humanity chooses to close their eyes and to repeat the preposterous idea, that Science and God are incompatible.

Short explanations: In this article, God does not mean the Christian one or one belonging to any other religion. It means the Great power, the Universal Soul, the Absolute, the Supreme Everything, the Energy of the Universe. Personally, I do not use the term “God” for this purpose, but since humanity has chosen this word for this debate, I will keep the term here.


God is on trial. People are the jury. But somehow they think that science is the prosecution and not the defense. People want proof of God’s existence. He gives it to them. Thousands of pieces of evidence. But they still sentence him.

Scientists’ theories state that thing just happened on the basis of some physical laws. That’s fine. But how did the physical laws appear? And how happening is possible at all? Do you really think that there is the slightest chance that the existence of something is not divine?


How does the fact that the Universe has an order and that things could be explained through logic prove that they are not divine??? Why only chaos and the inexplicable can be supreme? How comes that a star which consists of a myriad of smaller particles which in turn consist of smaller particles does not make it absolutely sublime? And the fact that everything in the whole Universe is made of similar particles? That it doesn’t matter whether you are a human, a stone, or a broken sole of a shoe, to be a part of the harmony of the being?

And why does the fact that emotions manifest as chemical reactions should mean that they are transitory or an illusion? Can someone explain to me scientifically what prevents a certain aspect of Love to manifest as a chemical reaction in this dimension? Also, how can the existence of nerve cells means that you do not have a Soul? Isn’t it more amazing, that Love and the Soul have found a way to exist through physics, chemistry and biology? How much more proof of divinity do you want?


There surely are some dimensions which are based on chaos. But this one is based on an impossibly complicated harmony. Why does that make it less divine? Can any of you claim to be capable of creating all these laws? Probably not! I think the absoluteness of the power which created it is obvious.

Science by itself is divine. I can’t understand why scientists try so hard to prove that the most important thing in their lives is the least divine thing in the world. Priests are occupied with divinity, we are occupied with trash. Is this their motto? Fortunately, science is above them and is way too perfect to be affected by their attempts to demean it.

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