The Spiritual Conference

These are the people who participate in the Spiritual Conference. Its goal is to inspire the world to rediscover the human soul as a center of the Universe. The participants are individuals, perfect in their shade and their level of the spectrum.


The Spiritual Conference

Alestionbecause he loves all worlds but he chose to fall in love precisely with this one

Avadra because she always chooses what will break her heart

AC DC – because of their high voltage rock and roll

Adam Lambert – because there are no limits to the capabilities of his voice

Adolf Hitler – because he had a mirror

Ahat – because of the “Black sheep”

Albert Einstein – because he proves God’s existence through science

Alexander Blok – because he knew that loneliness has two faces

Alexander Graham Bell – because he really cared about science and its future

Alexander Sekulov – because he engraves dreams

Alexander the Great – because he wants to conquer the whole world in order to set it free

Alfred Nobel – for having found a way to support science and culture after his death

Alice Cooper – because he can allow himself to be Christian

Allen Ginsburg – because of “Howl”

Amelia Earhart – because of her passion for challenge

Andrea Bocelli – because he lives for the music

Angelina Jolie – because of the strength of her beauty and the beauty of her strength

Annie Leibovitz – because she is not afraid to fall in love with the ones she loves

Antoine de Saint-Exupery – because of “The little prince”

Antoine Lavoisier – for being “the father of chemistry”

Antonin Artaud – for understanding the role of theatre in life

Antonio Gaudi – because of Sagrada Familia

Antonio Porchia – because the shallow tires him so much that he needs a chasm in order to rest, and because he know that one needs to be oneself just in the name of one’s own I

Archimedes – because he was so smart that he forgot to get dressed

khan Asparukh – for founding Bulgaria

Astrid Lindgren – for writing some of the best children books

Azis – because he scandalizes and opens the mind of the Bulgarian


Balduin of Flandria – for being a true knight, capable of suffering

Bart Hess – because of his silent contortions

the Beatles – for giving young people hope for a more beautiful world

Bernardo Bertolucci – because of “Dreamers”

Blaise Pascal – for detecting the errors in the System

Bob Proctor – because he knows that goals should be impossible and must be reached anyway and because he would kiss himself

Bogomil Gudov – because of the lyrics of “Two”

Brad Pitt – because he is a symbol of the American dream without being obnoxious

Breaking Benjamin – because of “Dear agony”

BTR – because of the love and the light in their songs

lord Byron – because of his poetry and his debauchery


Carolyn Porko – because of The Day the Earth smiled

Charles Baudelaire – because of “Carcass”

Charles Darwin – for connecting scientifically every creature on the planet

Charlie Chaplin – because he transformed into a messenger of truth from the screen and because he does not like elephants

Christina Aguilera – because of her voice

Christopher Columbus – for having the courage to go beyond the end of the world

Claude Monet – because of the beauty, the tenderness, and the mysticism in his paintings

Clint Mansell – because of “Lux aeterna”

Coco Chanel – because she did not allow gender division to confine her life

Cristiano Ronaldo – because he cried at the Euro 2016 final


D2 – for leaving two traces in Bulgarian music

Dante Alighieri – for being the first person to allow himself to take a walk in heaven and hell

David Crane and Marta Kaufmann – because of “Friends”

princess Diana – for being brave enough to care about the right things

Dita von Tease – because a mosquito bite made her feel alive

Django Ze – because of “Crazy frogs”

Dmitri Mendeleev – because of the most romantic table ever created

Dmitri Shostakovich – because of Waltz №2 from the Jazz Suite

Doni – because he chose his eyes


Eddie Redmayne – because he acts in twisted roles and does them perfectly

Eduard de Bono – because he found a way for thinking to be easy and nice for everyone

Edward Snowden – for knowing that private space is intrinsic to the free mind

Elvis Presley – for choosing to dance in jail

Eleanor Roosevelt – because she knew how a person with pride lives

Elisaveta Bagryana – because she is a sister of the elements

Elif Shafak – because of the Universal love in her books

Elton John – because of the music for the “The Lion King”

Erich Maria Remarque – because he understood war

Eva Braun – because she was the most free person in an era when no one could afford to be free

Evangelista Torricelli – for proving that air has weight

Evgeni Minchev – because the definition of “modesty” in the dictionary is his picture


Federico Garcia Lorka – because Dali hears his voice every time he makes a genius stroke with the painting brush

Ferdinand Magellan – because of the circumnavigation of the Earth

pope Francis – because he knows how to do his job

Friedrich Nietzsche – because that he believes that the Overman is the meaning of life

Fritz Perls – because he knew that one should take responsibility for oneself


Gala Dali – because her head is made of spheres

Galileo Galilei – beacause the Earth does revolve around the Sun

George Orwell – because he understood where the world is heading to and that worried him

Georgi Benkovski – because he asked people to die in the name of a great ideal

Georgi Sava Rakovski – because his soul is “full of storm, of spark, and of night”

Gian Lorenzo Bernini – because his sculptures are alive

Giordano Bruno – because he was the first person to tell the world that the Universe is endless

Giovanni Straza – for making marble transparent

Grinling Gibbons – for creating worlds out of wood

Guy Fawkes – because he is the only man to enter the parliament with honest intentions


Hadzhi Dimitarbecause he is alive

Hakim Sanai – because he knew that knowing yourself is the only way of knowing god

Hans Christian Andersen – because his fairytales are heartbreaking

Helen Keller – because she found a path to the world although all doors were closed to her

Henry VIII – because he created his own church

Henry David Thoreau – for knowing that castles belong in the sky

Henryk Sienkiewicz – because he corrected a wide-spread confusion about freedom

Hephaistion – because he was the only one to conquer Alexander’s heart

Hermann Hesse – because he knew that in order to be truly born must destroy a world

Homer – because of “The Iliad” and “the Odyssey”

Howard Hughes – because his creativity was inexhaustible in every aspect

Hristo Botev – because he was equally genius as a revolutionary and as a poet

Hristo Smirnenski – because of the beauty and the sorrow in each of his verses


Isaac Newton – because he was the first one to see the obvious

Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs – because of the Myers-Briggs personality types

Ishtar – because of “Horchat hai caliptus”

Ivan Asen II – for expanding Bulgaria to three seas without almost any wars

Ivan Vazov – because he knew what it means to be a Bulgarian

Ivana – because of her high-class chalga


Jack Kerouac – because he has looked for freedom frantically

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi – because he knew that the human alone is every answer

James Cameron – because his movies are perfect from the first to the last frame

James Horner – because of the music for “Titanic”, “Brave heart”, and “Avatar”

Januarius MacGahan – because he wrote his reportages with his heart and he refused to transform human life into statistics

Jared Leto – for being an overdemon

Jean-Claude Juncker – because he is a politician who knows that borders are evil and because he does not feel threatened by other politicians’ stupidity

Jesus – because he is a warrior of light

pope Joan – because she was a pope who gave birth

Joan of Arch – because she deserved to be burnt at the stake before turning twenty

Johann von Goethe – because he knew that love is a supreme form of individuality

Johannes Gutenberg – because he has let the future come

John Atanasoff – for inventing the computer

John Steinbeck – because his twistedness surpasses his own mind

John Stuart Mill – for defending freedom, equality, and nature

Johnny Depp – because of his performance as Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd

Jon Bon Jovi – because he encouragers the listeners to fight

Joseph Maynard William Turner – because he knew that it is enough to paint only sea

Josephine Baker – because of the banana dance, the rainbow tribe, and the triumph over old age

Jorge Bucay – because he chose to love with his eyes open

Josip Broz Tito – because he transformed into a “Hole”

Jules Verne – because his imagination was beyond his time

Julian Assange – because he chose to devote his mind and his courage to truth


Karl Gustav Jakob Jakobi – because he decides on his own what is good and what evil

Kaspar David Friedrich – because of “Wanderer above a sea of fog”

Katharine Hepburn – because she is a cross between Donald Duck and a Stradivarius

Ken Kessey – because of “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”

Kodja Mimar Sinan – because of his mosques

Kurt Cobain – because his timber reveals the perfection of his personality


Lady Gaga – because of the true darkness in her songs and videos and because she did a revolution in fashion after it was already considered impossible

Leonardo da Vinci – because he is the true Renaissance person

Lou Andreas-Salome – because she embraces life with her whole strength

Louis XIV – because he is the Sun King

Ludwig van Beethoven – because of the superior drama in his music and in his life

Ludwig II – for building Neuschwanstein


Mahatma and Indira Gandhi – because they were fighters for peace

Maria Silvester – because she does not allow social norms to impede real communication

Marie Curie – because she is squared smart

Marilyn Manson – because he knows that creativity and art are what makes the world go forward

Marilyn Monroe – because she is the greatest sex-symbol of all time and this is not due to her looks

Marius Kurkinski – because he is an abysm of sorrow

Mark Twain – because he understood well both the System and everything outside it

Martin Heidegger – because he knew that Das Man is the worst

Martin Luther King – because he had a dream

Mary Magdalene – because Jesus was in love with her

Max Plank – because he knew that the mind comes before the matter

Michael Jackson – because he let his soul bleed under the spotlights, healing the world

Michelangelo – because art was all-powerful in his life

Mihail Belchev – because of “From far, far away”

Mikhail Lermontov – because the power of his verses’ beauty crushes the insignificance of his messages

Modá & Emma Marrone – because of “Arriverà”

Mohamed Alibecause he led the fight on the ring and in life with the same passion


Neal Armstrong – because he made a giant leap for mankind

Neal Cassidy – for inspiring the creation of Dean Moriarty

Neale Donald Walsch – because of “Conversations with God”

Nedyalko Yordanov – because of “Don’t grow old, love”

Nelson Mandela – because he fought for peace every day of his life

Neti – because of “The moon’s asleep”

Nicholas Flamel – for not giving the Philosopher’s stone to people

Nicolaus Copernicus – for preparing the world for science

Nikola Vaptsarov – because of “A song for the human”

Nikola Tesla – for being utterly psycho

Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov – because he successfully pretended to be normal

Nina Simone – because her greatest possession is her own life and her voice is a wind carrying hot sands

Novalis – because he knew that truth is beauty


Oprah – because she believes that everything in our live happens so that we have the chance to choose love over fear

Oriah Mountain Dreamer –  because she wants to learn what is worth knowing

Orville and Wilbur Wright – because they have found a way to fly

Oscar Wilde – because there is not a single color hidden away in the chalice of a flower, or the curve of a shell, to which by some subtle sympathy with the very soul of things, his nature does not answer


Paisiy Hilendarski – because of “Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya”

Pamela Anderson – because there is no way that she is not here

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua – because he brings water to the wild animals in Kenya

Paulo Coelho – because he understand how the Universe functions

Pele – because he rises literacy in Brazil with his autobiography

Pencho Slaveykov – for his impetus for perfection

Peter Paul Rubens – because all of his paintings represent the Apocalypse

Petko Slaveykov – because of “Gergana”

Philip of Macedonia – because of his political and military skills

Pink – because of her rebellious songs

Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky – because of the “Swan Theme” in “Swan Lake”

Pythagoras – because of the Pythagorean theorem


Queen – because they are the champions

Quentin Tarantino – because he has made a mistake and has created genius in “Kill Bill”


Ralf Waldo Emerson – because he knew that everything is divine

Rammstein – because they transform the inferior into superior, and show the superior in its full beauty

Raphael – because he can paint gods

Rayna Pop-Georgieva – because she sow the flag

Rev Theory – because their songs are about love, rebellion, and the individual

Richard Douglas Fosbury – because of the genius technique of the high jump

Richard Wagner – because of the idea for a total work of art

Rise Against – because they want a meaningful life and because they care about nature

Roald Amundsen – for being the first person to travel to the two poles

Robert De Niro – because he combines talent and devotion and because he represents real masculinity

Robert Mapplethorpe – because he proves that photography is an art

Roger Federer – because he achieves beauty in tennis

Ronaldinho – because he radiates with boundless positiveness

Rosa Parks – because she did not move from the seat


Salvador Dali – because he is Surrealism

tsar Samuil – because of the historic greatness of his fate

Sandor Petyofi – for knowing that love and freedom are the supreme things

Santa Claus – because he brings presents to everyone

Scheherazade – because she won her life with wit and talent

Sergei Prokofiev – because of the “Dance of the knights”

Sergei Rahmaninov – because of “The island of the dead”

Shakira – because of the bright colors of her personality

Shams of Tabrizi – because he is absolutely perfect despite being a humble hermit

Siegmund Freud – because, although he did not cure a single patient, the whole contemporary psychology is based on him

Simeon I – because of the Golden century

Skillet – because they decided to fight

Sofi Marinova – because she is always herself and does not care

Sophocles – because of his tragedies

Stenli – because of “Haunted”

Steven Spielberg – because he dared to assume that aliens and robots can also feel love

100 kila – because he proves that a person is not what society expects him to be

Stoyanka Mutafova – because time cannot harm her talent


Thomas Malthus – because he realized that people give birth too much

Tina Turner – for being a true diva

Tokio Hotel – bacause of “Ich bin da”

Truman Capote – because of the story behind “In cold blood”


Vasil Levski – because he inspires a whole nation to start an impossible fight

Victor Hugo – because of “Les Miserables”

Vik Lovell – for telling Ken Kesey that dragons do not exist, then leading him to their lairs

Vili Kazasyan – for combining light and child’s purity

Vincent van Gogh – because his mind is wavy

Vivian Westwood – because she is insolent and a rebel

Vladimir Kush – because he thinks that the sun hatches from an egg

Voltaire – because he defends the whole spectrum


Walt Disney – because he accomplished his dream for a magical world

William Hannah and Joseph Barbera – because of “Tom and Jerry” and “Scooby Doo”

William Shakespeare – because he knew the difference between life and existence

Whitney Houston – because she is pure light

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  – because he deserves to be called Amadeus


Yane Sandanski – because he knows what the slave and the free person fight for

Yordan Yovkov – because of his perfect short stories

Yulian Vuchkov – because he tells the truth on TV

Yuri Gagarin – because for a while he was the only person who had flown in space


Zaha Hadid – because she proves that the modern can be beautiful

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