God probably isn’t mediocre

Don’t you think that is beneath the Universe to create anything inferior to itself?

Let’s see. The great painter creates paintings which are equal to his genius. The great writer reveals the supreme parts of his soul in his works. The great musician captures the melody of life in his notes. But you think that God is a mediocre creator who has made something full of vices and not perfect at all: the human.

The only creation worthy of a god are other gods. A true god wants to develop, to be challenged by his creations. Instead, they annoy him with their insignificant dramas, ask him for things which they can achieve on their own, and beg for forgiveness in the rare occasions when they have at least made a decision and acted.

Think about it. Everything in nature is absolutely perfect. The stars. The seas. The volcanoes and the deserts. The orchids and the wolves. The icebergs and the Sun. All of them exist because of a divine reason. All of them are in perfect harmony. All of them are absolute beauty.

And out of the sudden, the human is imperfect. Well, isn’t it insolent to consider ourselves God’s failure?! He, the Almighty, the Life-creating, the Absolute made a mistake exactly when he created us? I don’t think so.

This idea is just another way of avoiding responsibility. The sad truth is that the majority of people would quickly deny a chance for perfection just because it is easier not to try.

Once we have established that creating anything imperfect is really beneath God, we have to suppose that we all are perfect.

You, however, avoid this and say: “I am just a human. I am weak.” Instead of explaining how disgusting this is, I will simply tell you: Brace yourselves and be gods.

Wondering on whether you can do it is an escape from reality. Every time the answer is yes. Perfection is genetically in you. It is inside you since the birth of your soul. So, if you are not perfect, the fault is yours.

He, who chooses to be a god, will be. I can’t feel compassion for the rest. Being a god presents a new life for you, new challenges, and new emotions: such ones that are worth living. The choice is yours.


P.S.: God is called like that just for your convenience.

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