Facebook – the denial of reality

If fifty years ago someone had said that people are going to publish every single thing about their lives on the internet, the world would have slapped him. Luckily, nowadays there are no obstacles such as dignity and survival instinct.

Humanity is always ready to crawl at the feet of anyone who is willing to humiliate it, but until now it always asked for something in return. Destroyers of the individual such as laws and religion always offered rewards like security, eternal life in Heaven and any other kind of crap.

But Facebook doesn’t offer anything. Call me crazy, but if someone offers you to put you behind sparkling bars in the newest jail whose purpose is spiritual death and the total destruction of humanity it makes sense that you would ask for something better in return than the opportunity to become a fake clown receiving cheap approval.

I don’t expect anything from people except one thing: to have the desire to live. The F word is the evidence that, once again, I will be disappointed. Only a man who wants to destroy himself would agree to present his entire personal information to a server at the other end of the world. To give power over his life to people he knows nothing about and to let them rule over him in any way they see fit. I wonder how often the antelope informs the cheetah in which direction it will run just so that the latter can catch it more easily?

And still, I don’t envy those who have access to the Facebook servers. Imagine their shock when they find out that on these servers there are only useless copies of empty space. What can you take from an imitation of a human being that talks about love in social media? How useful can be a lowlife creature that begs for likes and comments as an excuse to exist? What use can you have from a ghost denying his own reality in order to exist as a digital illusion?

But don’t worry about that. Dignity, freedom and love are the values of the absolute reality. The F word does not recognize such concepts. There you don’t have to be brave because that’s something from another era. There is no need to look the one you love in the eyes because he has no eyes. You don’t have to be yourself, it’s enough just to pretend that you are. And the best part is that no one will ever expose your lie simply because they are all too busy covering up their own.

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