What is the meaning of life?

The obvious answer is: The meaning of life is to love. However, I am left with the feeling that this isn’t the exact answer.

The meaning of your existence as a soul is to love. You, in your whole absolute, are only love. Love is not just a reason, it is an essence. And besides, it is the purpose in each dimension and in the Universe as a whole. This is why we have to search a little bit further for the purpose of this life.


The meaning of this life is to be. To be what, you’ll ask. Everything. And particular things at the same time. This life allows you to live the components of your soul. You can win, have, loose, believe, doubt, grow, fall, give, take, crawl and fly. The opportunities are endless.

You can be good or evil, rich or poor, true or disloyal, brave or cowardly, a dreamer or a sceptic. You can be a successful surgeon or a successful thief; a suffering beggar or a suffering music idol; a faithless priest or a corrupted cop; a merciless tyrant or a kind slaver; a rebel without aims or a warrior who would do anything for his dreams. At the end of eternity, you can’t be all these things. So take the opportunity now.


You can also be the first blossoming flower of spring or the shot heart of a flying bird. A shadow of an invisible image or a star and all of its rays. A sinner whose only crime is unburying the truth from its crypt. A hero whose weapon are his own fears. These things exist at the end of eternity as well. But only now you can live them as a human.

This life exists in order to give us the opportunity to achieve ourselves. The road is long but unavoidable. If you want to have a meaningful life, it is time to start living.

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