People, you are wonderful

People, you are wonderful. You are the only ones who live on the upside-down peaks of the bottom, you are the only ones who reach the bowels of the sky. You have the potential to be everything and you really deserve to be everything.

Be. Be stubbornly. Rise against the others and against yourselves. Be what you are and what you are not. Make mistakes, regret them and then repeat them. Touch the stars and then wave your hand and play the weather forecast. Betray everything you believe in and then jump into the deepest icy ocean in search for something that is worth believing in. Tie your soul, chain your life, lock yourselves in a cage, but keep restlessly looking for the key.

Enjoy. Enjoy every sunray which touches your faces. Enjoy the magic in the hurricanes of your days. Rejoice the smiles of your children, the car you bought after saving for five years, the cat lying in front of your door. Rejoice your own misery and laugh loud and sincerely when you have fallen powerless on the ground. Celebrate triumphantly the arrival of light and take big handfuls from the dark.

Suffer. Suffer without fear, without restrictions, without an instinct for self-preservation. Suffer until pain become a dear friend. Scream from horror in the suffocating darkness. Let your tears fall down your face and feel their taste of lost hope. Thrust your knees into the mud and slam your hands on the impenetrable barrier of reality. Be desperate.

Crawl. Be nonentities and be proud of it. Humiliate yourselves further and further. Lie to your essence, steal from yourselves. Destroy the dreams of others and don’t even think about your own. Spill poison on everything with value and let it rot in plain view. Bow to the idols of others, then smash their steely faces with hammers, so that you can build the same ones from tar and call them yours. And never kill the truth, so that you don’t turn it into a hero – just smother it, stamp your feet on it, mock it, defame it, desecrate it, and forget it.

Love. Love endlessly much. Love strongly, love truly. Love with love which is bigger than you. Sacrifice yourselves for this love. And then become complete again in order to burn with it in divine fire. Love the ones who love you, and those who don’t. Love the ones who build towers of insensibility for you, and those who offer you necklaces of broken glass with bleeding fingers. Worship the beautiful and embrace the disgusting. Love life until there’s no breath left within you. Love love itself because you love yourselves.

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