The “Chicago” musical – a successful dissection of society

Unlike the usual vomit that we can expect in the “intellectual movie which analyses society” genre, “Chicago” offers us a wonderful performance, cleverly revealing the degradation of the mass man.

Starting with the unprofessional journalist, going through the crowd whose interests immediately changed their direction according to the latest gossip and finishing with the genius puppet master Billy Flynn, we can conclude that Chicago” ensured us one thing – in the world of people, truth means absolutely nothing. Everything is a spectacle of superficial emotions and the best liar gets the loudest ovations. But something in the music and in the spirit of the movie was whispering the idea that there is another world and if we have chosen to be a part of this one, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves.

For the first time, I didn’t fall asleep out of boredom, facing the conflict “the faceless masses against the pathetic worm”. Although everyone was stupid and weak to dangerously high levels, the storyline kept moving forward successfully without boring me at any moment.

On the left side of the arena is Roxie Hart – a pathetic moron who was too superficial and unnoticeable to be seen by anyone. She was passing through life, sliding on her own mucus and every time she spoke, a ball of wrinkled cotton candy was falling out of her mouth. She was an insecure idiot in her relationship with Velma, an ungrateful slut in front of her husband, a helpless toy in the hands of her lawyer, and ridiculously ordinary as a part of the grey masses.

On the other side – society. A crowd of crippled human beings that has no brain or feelings, nor has any interest in finding the facts. People wanted all the information ready for consummation so that they wouldn’t have to think about it themselves and that’s exactly what Billy gave them.

Billy Flynn possessed extraordinary intelligence and he was the only person in the movie who could actually think. On one hand, it was fun for me to watch him outsmarting the world and making people do exactly what he wanted, but on the other hand I felt sorry for him – he was an empty man without worthy opponents and as the only smart man, Billy had chosen to use his brains for…gaining money and fame.

There was something genius in “Chicago” and that, of course, was the cell block tango of the six married murderesses. Strong, independent, and extremely attractive, the mysterious avengers showed us how the real woman must look like. They stood behind their actions, holding their heads up and proudly telling the world that it neither can nor has the right to judge them. The cell block tango was a merciless battle for freedom that cannot be taken away from the individual.

At the end Velma and Roxie appeared on stage together, so that they can finish modeling their fake hearts – they decided that instead of a wish for beauty, life can be just a joke and they made everyone else laugh with them. But what better joke than the fact that only one was sentenced to death – the innocent one.

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