One must enjoy the little things in life

Another wise saying put into our head to enlighten the path towards our suicide.

Like most things said by society, this is wrong on more than one level.

First of all, one must not enjoy the little things in life. He must search for greatness. The huge things, the ones that he can never reach. To travel further and further into unknown lands and to cross higher mountains until his feet give up incapable of following the wild urge of his will. The man is a giant. And he wants giant things.

Second of all, a man must not enjoy the big things in life too. Joy is a nice and positive emotion that shows that the child in us is still alive. But it has no place in the valley of deep feelings. The truth doesn’t create joy. It brings devastating suffering and painful happiness from being alive. The powerful hearts don’t make anyone happy. They destroy and create with the power of love.

But in this sentence, there is a much more dangerous poison. And it is in the things that people chose to call “little”. In our lives, there are no little things. To be grateful for your health is amazing. To be able to laugh with your children is irreplaceable. To open your eyes in the morning is absolute. Even the way that the pieces of a broken plate fall down on the linoleum can change your life forever.

Things are little only when the people are little. For the living one, everything is a universe creating its own infinity.

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