Your freedom ends where mine begins: The shortest road to slavery

Freedom ends… somewhere? I admit it is an interesting theory but it’s time people remembered that it is also absurd. True freedom can be nothing else but absolute. It doesn’t face borders, exclusions or ends.

You can do anything as long as you don’t trouble anyone else  this is the most widely accepted understanding of freedom nowadays. However, if we have in mind that there are 7 billion people whom you can trouble and that 90% of them dislike any form of freedom, we can easily reformulate this statement to: “You can’t do anything.

As controversial as this may sound, jouncing everyone else is not the primary goal or duty of the individual. The person should have the opportunity to be everything. But instead of encouraging us to go upwards, society puts more limitations on us, just because someone else does not want to be interrupted, while he wastes his life.

The freedom of one is always more important than the unfreedoms of all the rest. And this is true in every aspect. Of course, you are free to make a big outdoor party even if this means that the whole neighborhood won’t get any sleep. Of course, you have the freedom to conquer the whole world even if this means that everyone else will be your slave. The only things that matter here are whether you actually want to do it and whether you can do it.

Everyone must have the freedom to try. But the fulfillment of the goal is a matter of will-power, effort, and victory. When two individuals clash in their strives for freedom, let the better one win. The loss is not the absence of freedom. The loss is the absence of victory. If you can impose your views of freedom, it means that you deserve it. If you manage to protect your freedom from other people’s attempts to take it away from you, it means that you deserve it. Freedom is for the strong, for the relentless, for the always-searching ones. It is not for the weak and the spineless. Even if it is given to them as a charity, they won’t be able to achieve it.

And finally, imagine what would happen if everyone starts living according to this rule. No one would ever threaten anyone’s freedom. Thus, no one would be left without rights but no one would be allowed to do everything. Everyone would be mediocrily free. This way, freedom in its lowest form will become a given thing and will lose its value. This is the shortest road to slavery.

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