Avatar: The Last Airbender – a nice combination between fun, action and meaning

YAAAAAAAY! The animals are hybrids! Ooops. I couldn’t help myself. Let’s start over.

The world of “Avatar” is a great example of how one society should work. People live in harmony and the main goal in their lives is spiritual development. They want to feel the Energy that’s the essence of the Universe and the key to understanding nature. Bending the four elements isn’t a fantasy, but just an alternative way for humanity’s evolution. The different societies are pointed towards the spiritual world and have strong connections with the immaterial. None of them forces the individual to follow their rules or path. This could have been our universe, but, unfortunately, we chose to crawl.


But enough about us. Let’s take a look at the storyline. A terrifying villain is trying to conquer the world and only the chosen one can stop him. Ordinary? Not at all. Because this time the chosen one is not a superhero or an American soldier. He is a child monk. Aang goes through the challenges of destiny, laughing loudly and carelessly but at the same time, he carries inside him the power of hundreds of ancient souls. He is stupid and wise. Reckless and responsible. Superficial and deep. Aang’s character reflects the youth and innocence of the momentary incarnation and the ancient limitlessness of the Soul. A wonderful metaphor of our own reincarnations – every time a little bit older, but young forever.

Finally, someone realized that to beat the Evil, you need a heart and not a machine gun or an indescribable boredom. To face the Fire lord, Aang must face himself, and that becomes the hardest battle of his life. It was about time to understand that the answer is in our spiritual side and not in the primitive one.


In “Avatar: The Last Airbender” we can also find many awesome characters.

Zuko who found himself while he was looking for others. It is always amazing to follow the journey of the young warrior that struggles between his inner voice and the voices of everyone else. Still, I wasn’t sure that I like him until the scene where he imitated his uncle and his sister – that made him absolutely perfect.

Sokka that stayed adorably ridiculous. There is always need from someone that doesn’t have magical abilities and always fails. We have to admit him though that he was the bravest of them all, jumping into a world where he would be completely defenseless.

Katara that always was the voice of hard logic. She was confident, strong and smart. The best companion for Aang who was often in need of her help and advices.

The crazy Toph that was spectacular. She is a blind ten years old girl that can crush anyone in her path with her powers over earth and metal. How cool is this?! Impulsive, adventurous and tough she immediately became one of my favorite characters.

The three bitches. Azula that was so charming with her inability to be normal and her adorable ambition to turn the world into ashes. The cute one that was an assassin that worries about the color of his aura. The apathetic one that even though was already amazing just because of her boredom, decided to become an overman by choosing love over everything else.

Appa. He is a sky bison. Do I even have to say something else?

And my favorite character – Azula’s and Zuko’s  uncle. This old man was a mind-blowing palette containing a great sense of humor, endless love, and millennium wisdom.


He stayed loyal to Zuko. Even when his nephew chose the wrong path, even when he reached the bottom, even when he betrayed him and tortured him in his cell, Iroh was one hundred percent behind him.

He knew that the spirit of the moon is sacred and its destruction will be bad for all nations because the Universe is one. Iroh was ready to fight for the soul of every person and for the soul of our world.

The lightning bolt lesson that he gave to Zuko, was a lesson that we all need to hear. The way the energy moves in our bodies and the things that we can do with it are beyond our imagination.

This movie is the easiest and the nicest way for a man to enter the spiritual world.





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